Friday, December 29, 2017

Take a look inside the pages of the BDJ Planner 2018

What's a great Christmas and New Year's gift? A planner!!! I gave my brothers and sister, my nieces, my sister-in-law, and my officemates planners. I truly believe that a planner—one you write on with pen—can change a life. What a gift!

One of the most popular planners this past decade is the Belle de Jour Power Planner. And I have two! One I opened up so we can take a peek inside, and one I'm giving awaaaay! Happy New Year!

Here's the deluxe edition with the velvet leather cover. It's 5.9 x 8 inches, light and compact and can fit into a busy lady's bag. I tried those huge planners and, nope, not for me. I need something I can bring around everywhere.

Okay, let's look inside:

This page always makes me sing that song from Land Before Time. Does anyone even remember that dinosaur movie from the 80s? It's the Diana Ross song, "If We Hold On Together" and it's such an appropriate song for the New Year.

Don't lose your way with each passing day 
You've come so far, don't throw it away 
Live believing
Dreams are for weaving 
Wonders are waiting to start 
Live your story
Faith, hope and glory 
Hold to the truth in your heart 

Dibaaaa??? Okay, mamas, this year we must believe that wonders are just waiting for us to discover them, that dreams are going to come true, that our life is worth telling!

Anyway, more BDJ planner pages before I get downright distracted...

At the very back is a roomy pocket. Don't you just love planners with pockets? And stickers???

In the pocket is a surprise! It's the Perks of a Bella booklet! Inside is your very own BDJ Lifestyle Card.

There's over P40,000 worth of discount coupons for shopping, eating, beautifying (lookcoupons for Flawless!) and more! Super worth getting a BDJ 2018 planner, right?

This BDJ 2018 Power Planner in velvet leather is P680 at bookstores. If you want it customized with your name, order now at

I'm going to give away this BDJ planner this weekend, mamas. Follow my Facebook page and I'll announce the details there. Exciting!

P.S. Because na-LSS na ako, listen na to the song and believe in your heart that if we hold on together, our dreams will never die! Happy New Year, mamas!


  1. Happy New Year! As I get older and face several disappointments, sometimes I am afraid to dream anymore but I have just realized that as long as we are alive, there is always hope that our dreams can become a reality. BDJ planners always encourage us to plan and work towards our goals. it is a constant reminder to be the best we can be!

  2. Woow!! BDJ Planner, wishing of owning one of these..
    Its everybodys talking about.. Planner talaga.. BDJ na..
    I got curious whats with these planner.. and seeing those photos here.. maganda pala tlaga to..

    Happy New Year Ms Frances!

  3. ang ganda and worth it talaga siya para sa presyo.. :)

  4. Got mu first BDJ planner nung 2013.but pricey but worth it!! Super useful kasi andaming features. It has always been on my wishlist since 2012 was so happy nung nagkaroon ako for the year 2013. Sobrang nakakaempower every page ❤️❤️

  5. I wanna have this planner perfect for a full time sched mom like me

  6. Certified Bella here momshie. :) I do really love BDJ planners, its design and all of the things inside it. I realy love writing everyday :)

  7. What an amazing planner. I really like it! Thanks for posting that song too, sobrang ganda ng song. Ang lakas maka inspire. Sarap pakinggan ;-) Indeed a beautiful day to start my new year. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  8. Have always been wondering what these looked like inside. They’re very colorful pala and I love the manyyyyy coupons (and stickers!) inside! Thanks for sharing!

  9. OMG! Been wanting a BDJ planner since I was in High School! Dying to get picked. I could really use the planner especially now that I am busy with work, my son and our home. This would really be a big help!

  10. Favorite ko yun second stanza ng song na yan!
    This planner is great for busy moms. Sa sobrang dami na iniisip at inaasikaso, malimit may nakakalimutan. Isa palang ang anak ko pero marami na ako nalilimutan, lalo na siguro kung kagaya mo ako,3 ang anak.
    Haha i remember there was a time i am holding my daughter's rubber shoes and opened the microwave oven to put the shoes inside. I almost placed the kettle inside the ref. Marami pang iba haha! Kaya dun sa important things, kailangan isulat ko para masiguro na hindi malimutan.

  11. The BDJ Planner, wishing of having one of these..
    I've always wanted to own a BDJ Planner. Since college days I've been obsessing with the planner whenever I go to bookstores. It was the planner for every power woman

    Happy New Year Ms Frances!


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