Friday, December 15, 2017

Frances Finds: Whatta Tops Krismas Delight boxes make great little gifts

I'm back, mamas! I've been away because these days have been extra busy and extra traffic. Well, it's definitely the holiday season. I'm going to quickly share a fantabulous and super affordable find because if you're a working mama like me who has absolutely no time to go around the malls looking for budget-friendly gifts for co-workers, your kids' teachers and classmates, and your neighbors (and then wrapping them pa!), I have found it—the gift that is already packed in a festive box, has lots of goodies inside, and is super affordable!

Mamas, meet the Whatta Tops Krismas Delight holiday boxes!

It's a special Christmas Edition pack with limited edition flavors: Tsokolate and Mango Espesyal. 

Each box has three cupcakes of each flavor so you're giving away six special cupcakes in a lovely, very Paskong Pinoy box and for only P50! FIFTY PESOS!!!

The cupcakes are yummy, too. The Tsokolate is a chocolate cupcake with chocolate cream filling, topped with white chocolate and chocolate candy.

The Mango Espesyal is a butter cake with cream topped with white chocolate, dried mango bits and chocolate sprinkles. Masarap siya!

Diba it's such a nice idea? Buy boxes for Christmas carolers. Bring extra boxes when you go to family reunions for those family members you forgot (hahahaha). Stock up for the security guards and janitors in your condo. Give to messengers who deliver your packages.

I super love it! Mura kasi pero masarap and masayang ibigay at matanggap. 

Okay, head off to your nearest supermarket and make pakyaw Whatta Tops Krismas Delight holiday boxes naaaaa!!!

*This post is brought to you by Lemon Square Whatta Tops.


  1. I saw the Whatta Tops Krismas Delight in the supermarket and bought some boxes. Seeing that it was from Lemon Square, I knew that we will enjoy the cupcakes! They are indeed delicious!

  2. pangpaskol tlaga... :) mukhang happy si baby.. :)

  3. One of those perfect simple gifts na pwedeng ibigay. Actually I can buy and give one box or two to myself kasi favorite ko ang whatta tops. ❤️

  4. Ms Frances, yes, mura talaga ang Whatta Tops Krismas Delight holiday boxes kaya naman, yan ang pa giveaways namin nong Children Christmas party namin. So yummy pa! Halata naman sa pic ng cute son mo ;-)

  5. Super nice packaging :) I and my kids love choco tOps a lot :) super sarap kasi tlaga

  6. Thanks for sharing the Whatta Tops Krismas Delight boxes make great little gifts. I already gift it to my little cousins and they are so happy to got these.


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