Friday, December 22, 2017

The food at New World Hotel's Jasmine and Café 1228 was love!

Hi mamas! I know you all must be stuffed full this holiday season but I just need to tell you about the food we ate when we stayed at New World Hotel Makati this week. The food was really good at Jasmine and Café 1228, and I'm tempted to go back just to eat!

Lotsa photos so let's just do a photo essay. First, let me tell you about our fantabulous dinner at Jasmine, New World Hotel's authentic Chinese restaurant. We've heard of the delectable dimsum at Jasmine and I know dimsum is everywhere in Manila but, guys, the dimsum here has earned Jasmine a spot in Philippine Tatler's Top 20 Restaurants. And we were not disappointed!

But first, soup! This is the amazing Seafood Hot and Sour Soup. It is indeed spicy and sour and sweet and all the chunks of seafood were tender and perfect. It was really spicy, though. Naubo ako ilang beses haha

"Har Gao" or shrimp dumplings and "Shao Mai" or pork dumplings with crab roe. Also known as hakaw and siomai! These are THE BEST hakaw and siomai I've ever had in my entire life!!! The hakaw was plump and siksik and juicy and the skin was tender and perfect. The siomai is so freshly steamed that the meat was so juicy and tender and flavorful and tender and sooo delicious!

Wagyu Beef Mango Roll. I don't know what that crispy lace is made of but it was crunchy and delicate and a delight. The soft Wagyu beef inside was a great contrast. I want to order this again!

This kid liked it, too!

Barbecued Pork Pastry. This was lovely and flaky and then the pork inside was delicately flavored and tender.

And because we wanted to taste other dishes besides the dimsum, we got the Deep Fried Crispy Chicken which was nice and tasty, and Yeung Chow fried rice, all washed down by Jasmine Tea and iced lemon tea. Yum!

Full tummies means good sleep and we woke refreshed the next morning for more food! Our Yuletide Getaway package included breakfast at Café 1228 so we popped in there and filled our plates.

The breakfast buffet is pretty much what you see at other buffets—cereal, bread, bacon, oatmeal, pancakes, toast, omelettes and other egg preparations, the usual. Then there's Pinoy favorites like taho, garlic rice with adobo, grilled chicken, dilis, etc na ulam with lots of sawsawan—so yum! Not the usual tocino, tapa, longganisa, though. There were lots of other breakfast choices from international cuisines so if you like fruits, salads, congee, baked beans, muffins and pastries, cold cuts and cheeses, or maybe just a fruit shake because some people just drink their brekkie, you can start your day filling up your belly at the breakfast buffet at Cafe 1228.

Aaaaaand there you have it! Our Yuletide Getaway was a lovely and delicious getaway indeed!

If you're looking for a place to go after this Christmas weekend, maybe to be with your balikbayan friends or relatives, or to escape the smoke of the upcoming New Year's festivities and also get to see all the fantastic fireworks all over Makati, I highly recommend the Yuletide Getaway package of New World Hotel. It includes a spacious room that can accommodate your family, breakfast buffet at the Café 1228 for two adults and two kids below 7 years old, and treats depending on what room you book (ours was a bottle of wine and two movie passes to Ayala cinemas). Our Deluxe Room package was just P6,700. Super affordable for such a lovely time! Book here!


  1. nakakatakam at healthy pa... thank you for sharing.. :)

  2. This is so near to us. Really will try this place on my mom's bday

  3. Ang sarap siguto lahat ng foods dyan momshie. Truly nag enjoy po kayong family.

  4. So eto pala yong cafe nila, wow! what a mouth watering foods. Nag crave tuloy ako. Ganda ng patungan nila ng juice, hehehe magaya nga yan next time sa mga party namin. Love it!

  5. Great ambiance, great variety of food selections, great quality and taste of food, great coffee! Pricey but considering the above compliments, its worth every penny.
    thanks for the blog. I will see your next review or blog.


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