Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Review: BabyLove Premium Gold Pants Diapers

Hi mamas! I told you last week that we finally tried out a new diaper brand. Because life is short and it presents lots of choices and it's fun to explore those choices, right? And also there's now online shopping! Now here's my quick review of BabyLove Premium Gold Pants.

1. It's a quality product.
Notice the word "premium." That means it's special and it really is. No joke! When the BabyLove diapers arrived, the diapers felt luxurious. Excellent materials. Soft and light. Cute design. Smells good. Really well-made. I know quality when I see and feel it and this BabyLove diaper is top notch.

2. It makes my son feel comfortable. 
The diaper is soft and smooth all over. No sharp edges, no scratchy surfaces, no plasticky feel. Nothing that can hurt or irritate my son Piero's skin. And with him, we have to be extra careful because his skin is more prone to allergies than his brothers' skin. And BabyLove diapers are hypoallergenic. Really a great pick for babies with skin allergies!

3. It really keeps my baby dry.
It quickly sucks up all the pee, so the skin isn't exposed to any wetness, and then it keeps all liquid away from the surface. It doesn't matter if Piero sits, lies down, bounces—that trapped pee is not going to leak out at all! Why? It has Lock & Dry Protection which is really just the absorbing microbeads in the center of each diaper. (These make for great science experiments, by the way! Maybe we can talk about that in another post.) Plus, it also allows air to circulate so the skin doesn't sweat. And we like the leak-proof barriers around each pants hole. These fit snugly around each chubby thigh, preventing any leaks.

There you go! My three reasons why I love BabyLove Premium Gold Pants!

Actually, it's Piero who loves them because he wears them all the time. He likes them so much, our toilet-training sessions have been derailed because, in Piero's words, "Mama, I want to wear this FOREVER!" Uh oh!

Mamas, if you're looking for a new diaper to try, do check out BabyLove diapers. Get them from Lazada so you can have the ease and convenience of having your new diapers delivered to your home. It's Lazada's Birthday on April 25 to 27! You can get your BabyLove diapers on COD terms and shipping is free! SHOP HERE!

Check out the Facebook page of BabyLove Philippines for more info!


  1. wow! I would love to try that too to my son po :) Thanks for sharing ur review mommy

  2. that's great Brand of diapers! ung madali lang isuot at tlgang d masasaktan singit ni baby habang suot yan na nglalaro sya..gusto ko tlga gnyang diapers, may gnyan palang brand, mas mura sya kesa sa ginagamit ko sa anak ko pero same lng namn sila...dyan nako! salamat po sa pagshare nyan madam!

  3. It's a must try po! Especially for a mom who is look for quality over quantity

  4. Will try this for our baby girl, will check if they have for newborns! Thanks!

  5. Ngayon ko lang nakita yang brand ng diaper na yan. Thank you for sharing momsh! Will check that out sa Lazada.

  6. The designs are so cute and mukhang matibay ang elastic garter niya ha and hypoallergenic pa plus points for mommies like me.

  7. Hi Miss Frances. Good day!

    Well, I have seen this in Lazada app and I have seen some discount vouchers applicable for this but I had no money during that Lazada Birthday so, sayaaaannggg! I am always happy to discover new brands of affordable diapers most specially yung anak ko hindi sensitive yung skin nya so I can always find the right brand for him. I think when I do grocery this weekend, I will find Baby Love, not so sure if meron dun sa binibilhan ko. I just wish meron para I can try if it's really worth to try for my little one. ��


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