Wednesday, June 06, 2018

My silly Iñigo

My mamas liked the photo of Iñigo and me in my Mother's Day post so here's another shot from that time, which was his birthday:

Yes, his birthday! He turned 6 last month. Please tell him your birthday wishes. He loves his birthday a lot!

He's a very happy child, my Iñigo. Vince is always saying, "We should bottle his laughter and sell it." Iñigo has the bestest laugh in the world. I thought my laugh was good but when this boy laughs, everyone who hears it just lights up. He has such a happy laugh. I wish everyone had his happy laugh!

He's also the one with the best sense of humor. All my kids are funny, okay, but they're different funny. Vito is a lot like me—very serious and we laugh at smart jokes. Piero is 3 so his humor is all toilet-related. Iñigo is silly and shallow and also smart and naughty and he truly finds something funny in everything. Everything is funny!

This is a good thing. He's good for me because I'm serious. I've always been a serious person but in my youth, I laughed a lot anyway. But maybe for a decade now, I have felt my sense of humor getting buried under increasing responsibility, endlessly busy days, and never-ending household chores. Only Vince and our kids seem to make me laugh these days.

Iñigo especially. Just look at him. That's him every day of our life!

Of all my kids, it's Iñigo who has a fans club of sorts. People tell me they're attracted to his huge eyes, mischief, and big smile. Well, you should see him in real life. He's so full of life and fun!

May you always be full of life and laughter, my dearest Iñigo. May you always bring happiness to everyone you meet. May you always be tender and kind. May you always see the joy in life, even during the darkest days. God bless you for being so generous with your time and laughter! Happy birthday again, my sweetest silly boy! Mama, Papa and your bros love you!


  1. Happiest Bday Iñigo! Enjoy your day ;) 💜💜

  2. Happy Birthday, Iñigo! I'm a member of your fans club! �� May your humor and laughter be your weapon even in the most un-funny days.

  3. Those eyes!!! I wish i can hear him laugh,too!
    Belated happy birthday, Iñigo! I wish you good health and more reasons to smile and laugh.
    Makes me inggit again. Isa lang kasi anak ko at girl sya and i want to have a baby boy.


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