Sunday, November 18, 2018

Why I chose Nido 3+ for my preschooler

My mama followers ask me why, of all the preschool milks out there, I give Nido 3+ to my bunso, Piero. To be very honest, it started as a sentimental decision. I drank Nido as a kid, and I gave Nido Fortigrow to my first 2 boys, Vito and IƱigo. Since I turned out more than okay and his brothers are smart and healthy, it just followed that Piero would drink Nido, too. 

But here’s the thing: As a mommy blogger, I get offers to try this milk or endorse that milk. So I did. One milk made Piero break out in a horrible rash all over his body and we had to detoxify and apply creams for 2 weeks! Another milk made tummies go bad. Others were tasted once and spat out kasi hindi masarap haha (one was actually maalat!). Others naman just didn’t seem complete enough when it came to the nutrients I believed my kids needed to be healthy and strong. 

When we tried Nido 3+, it ticked all my boxes: (1) Piero wasn’t allergic to it; (2) his tummy had no problems with it; (3) it was delicious; and (4) it was nutritionally complete. Nido 3+ not only has all the benefits of normal milk (calcium), it’s also fortified with vitamins and minerals (Vit A, Vit B, Vit C, iron, zinc, selenium) that boosts his immunity, growth and development. He’s smarter because he also gets the brain-boosting benefits of DHA. His respiratory system is stronger because of the live lactobacillus protectus. Because of Prebio3 probiotics, Piero’s tummy can absorb all these nutrients better. So I know Piero is better able to resist infection, fight germs, and develop the full potential of his brain and body. 

It may be just milk but I’ve seen a difference. He’s healthier, stronger, and faster at making mind connections. Like, I was surprised when we went to Kidzania a few weeks ago and had to solve a “crime” using a secret code. He decoded it all by himself. He just started school! I was so amazed! Good job, Piero! "Good job, mama,” I told myself. Good job, Nido! 

Ask your pediatrician about preschool milk. For more stories of my fellow Nido moms on why we love Nido, follow the hashtag #LoveThatProtects on Instagram. For more information on Nido, like the Facebook page, NIDO Advanced Protectus 3+

Speaking of Kidzania, do visit the career-play place for the NIDO 3+ CITY CHALLENGE! From Nov. 1, 2018 to Dec. 31, 2018, you and your child can enjoy activities that are both educational and fun—like Piero and I did washing windows, solving mysteries, and pretending to be grownups! It was such a wonderful bonding experience especially since it was just him and me (his brothers stayed home with their Papa). I really just focused on him and discovered how smart he truly is! 

Since there were also many activities that required him to do the challenges on his own, trust was important. I had to trust that he’ll be fine on his own, without me to help him understand instructions and do the job and to protect him from the bigger kids. He also had to trust me that I was going to be where I said I would be. Our play date was such a great experience!

Share the same adventure! Check out the NIDO 3+ CITY CHALLENGE event page on Facebook for more information and to buy tickets. Have fun!

*This post is brought to you by NIDO 3+.

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