Friday, March 15, 2019

Freelancers, professionals, small business owners: Let Taxumo manage your taxes!

I saw my photo on the Taxumo website. I didn't know it was there, dun sa may reviews section. And yes, it's a real review and a really positive one pa. Sobrang happy ako as a small business owner (writing services so freelance writer and editor, editorial consultant, PR consultant, and professional blogger). In the two years or so I've been using Taxumo, wala talaga akong problema sa kanila. And I'm even happier now because dumami na their scope of services. Kung before monthly percentage taxes lang and a bit of accounting, ngayon they are offering to file more tax forms and even take care of your business registration and renewal. And more!

For example, it's only March but I'm already done filing my 2018 income taxes. I AM DONE! No hassle, no lines, no stress. I practically didn't do anything except click, click, clicked and yet I feel so accomplished. Thanks, Taxumo!

If you're a business owner like me, a freelancer, a professional, a doctor, a blogger, please do check out Taxumo. And sign up (use my code: FRANCES)! You will love it! This is not a sponsored post but—full disclosure—I do get a little commission for every sign up (so use my code: FRANCES!). I'm just really happy with how Taxumo has helped me and I want you all to experience what I've experienced, too.

By the way, if you also want Taxumo to file your annual income taxes, today is the last day to reserve a slot. You also get a discount in filing your BIR Form 1701 but you have to reserve a slot TODAY. Good luck and enjoy!

Click here to pay your taxes easily: TAXUMO

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