Wednesday, March 20, 2019

My favorite pink prettifying products

As I was washing my face last weekend, I noticed my bathroom counter and shelves had a dominant color scheme. Black. It was all black.

Hehe! With pink. There was a lot of pink, too. Kaya na-inspire ako to share with you a few (yes, just 10 out of many haha) of my pink prettifiers. Look at them!

Okay, I need to improve my flat lay skills.

From left, clockwise:
1. Simple Mama Pure Beauté Facial Wash in Rose
2. Girlstuff nail polish in Pretty in Pink
3. Solique by Girlstuff gel nail polish in Just a Fantasy
4. NYX Angel Veil primer
5. L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise mascara
6. L'Oréal Paris Infallible Lip Liner in Rose
7. Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in Lover
8. L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche Metal Addiction in Rose Champagne
9. Maybelline lipstick in Almond
10. In Her Element Petal Skin Toning Essence.

Let's start with the skin lovers...

Pure Beauté Facial Wash in Rose is a limited edition product so it's not available on the Simple Mama website. But I think if you send them a message, you can ask for them to make you one. I did and my request was granted. I was soooo happy, I cried! Why??? Okay, the start of summer 2018, I ran out of my usual trusted products so I started using the stuff in my blogger giveaway box. Big name products, too. My skin wasn't happy. I started breaking out again.

For Mother's Day, Simple Mama sent me their limited edition Rose Geranium line. By this time, I had stopped using anything on my face. But I still needed to wash my face, right, so I used this facial wash and only this facial wash for my skin care regimen. Plus sunscreen, of course. In 2 weeks, my skin cleared up and was rosy and glowy and just damn gorgeous! I was stunned! I can't live without this facial wash!!! It's the only facial wash I've been using since May last year. I'll do a more in-depth review next month. You deserve to know this amazing product! Meanwhile, you can browse the other Pure Beauté products in the Simple Mama shop.

In Her Element Petal Skin Toning Essence, P875, literally makes your skin feel like rose petals. I bought the rose products of In Her Element because of Pure Beauté. I figured if the rose facial wash is amazing then I'm hoarding every product that has roses in it!!! This has rose water and aloe vera as its major ingredients. Mamas, my skin after using this feels soooo nice. I keep touching my face because it's so soft and velvety! I use it twice a day, every day. Buy this!!!

NYX Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer is what I apply when I'm going to be out all day or if I'm going to an event or meeting and I'll be commuting. I don't use primer every day, just on those aforementioned days. Primer helps keep my makeup from sliding off my face, and since I'm very oily, this is necessary! I like Angel Veil because it's super light, feels like nothing, fills in pores and acne scars so I have a smooth surface, and leaves me matte. Oh, big plus: It doesn't make me break out!

Now let's check out my pink prettifiers for my puckers...

I have a LOT of lipsticks in all colors—from essentials like nude and red to wild ones like green and blue!— but these are the ones I wear nearly every day. They're all a wearable pink!

Well, I don't really wear this metallic lipstick every day. But I do love it because nearly all my lipsticks are matte and this adds a sheer metallic sheen on my lips that isn't wet like a gloss. I don't like moist mouths.

Here's a sample of what it looks like. The left is a swipe of my Maybelline Almond lipstick. The right is the sheer champagne lipstick. The middle is what it looks like together.

Lash Paradise is probably the best volumizing mascara I've ever tried. My oily skin loves it because it doesn't budge at all. It stays on your lashes all day long without smudging, smearing or flaking. Lashes stay thick and gorgeous! That said, it's extremely difficult to remove.

There's your sneak peek! I can do more thorough reviews if you like! But for now, just know that these are my reliables and my face is so happy I found these pink prettifiers!

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  1. Hihi I love pink and red! Sad lang kasi yun Lover shade nagiging purplish sa akin.


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