Sunday, October 13, 2019

A wise mama shops at Shopwise 21-Tastic Treats Anniversary Sale!

And that wise mama is me! I just couldn't resist the Shopwise 21-Tastic Anniversary Sale that started this weekend because of the sobrang grabeng okay na okay na deals and discounts. I'm a working mommy so, yes, may pera ako pero pinaghirapan ko ang pera na yan. Hindi naman sa nagtitipid; I just want my hard-earned money to work just as hard as I do. Gets yan ng lahat ng wise mamas! So when I found out I can get massive discounts and even freebies sa Shopwise 21st Anniversary sale, I was so there!

Make sure you get the 21Tastic Catalog so you know what the exclusive deals are!

But I had merienda first at Hungry Place because this was last Friday and I went straight to Shopwise from work and I truly was hungry. There's a lot of food options, too. There's cooked food, there's a deli, there's a whole roast chicken to bring home for the family if you're too tired na to cook. Lots of food. I fueled up for my shopping!

First stop: the fresh food section. I couldn't resist the "Buy 1 kg, Get 500g free" deal. My husband Vince cooked a big batch of spaghetti sauce this weekend and busog na busog kami, but there's still a lot of ground beef in the freezer! Hamburgers and mushroom-burger steak next!

My Loyal Readers know I have an Oreo Monster living in my house so I just had to grab this deal. By the way, the deal also applies to other Oreo flavors, hindi lang vanilla. My little Pi-Oreo was so thrilled when he saw my pasalubong. "Mama, look! It has chocolate MOO-lk!" Happiness is seeing your kids eat!

Syempre, dahil may schoolboys ako, I had to grab snacks for their baon, too. They now have Lotte Pepero for recess and a Lotte Koala for snacks sa school bus. Para hindi sila masyadong magutom sa traffic pauwi. My mommy heart is glad.

My sons and I love Fita crackers. Vito eats it with Nutella. He says he likes the sweet-salty combo. IƱigo and I eat it with everything, lalo na kung walang rice available at gutom na kami. And this deal is genius—Fita with sardinas! Omigas, that's my favorite snack. But I prefer spicy sardines with my Fita. Soooo good!

Speaking of snacks, these are Vito's favorite chips. The rest of the family, Lays, Pringles, Oishi. Si Vito Nova and Roller Coaster lang kinakain niyan! I really thought when I saw this deal, "Wow, this is for Vito exactly!" It's such a happy feeling when you get to buy your kid's favorite things to eat, diba?

Okay, enough crunchy stuff. Let's have some cake! I got the Black Forest Cake because of the P160 discount. Laki rin nun, diba. And it's a popular cake! I got the last one! Swerte talaga.

It's not all food on sale at Shopwise. There's a ton of deals on beauty products, appliances, and household goods. For example, that Spin Mop at the bottom of my cart? Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! I had 2 carts, if you're wondering where the other box is. Yes, mapapa-2 carts ka talaga when you shop at the Shopwise 21-Tastic Anniversary Sale!

Meron ding mga freebies! Like an extra roll of tissue sa Sanicare and hangers sa Surf. Daming deals! Check out the Facebook page of Shopwise for all the deals!

Happy mama me! Ang dami ko pang ibang binili actually. Just going down this aisle of deals and discounts at mapupuno talaga agad ang cart! So shop now at the Shopwise 21-tastic Anniversary Sale! It's ongoing till October 21, 2019. Masaya siya! I loved all the exclusive brands (like our favorite Sun Harvest cereals!), the freebies, and the sobrang panalo na Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! See you at Shopwise, mamas!

*This post is brought to you by Shopwise.

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