Monday, July 27, 2020

Taylor Swift's "I Did Something Bad" at the AMAs 2018 is soooo good!

I know Taylor Swift has a new album right now. In fact, I listened to folklore nonstop since Friday 12 noon. Nonstop, no kiddding. But today, I had to "shake it off" - the melancholy and sadness of that whole album. I LOVE IT, okay? Taylor finally made that "indie record that's much cooler than mine." This 8th album is, in my opinion, her best yet! I'll make a proper post on all my feelings about folklore. Maybe. I'm still emotional.

That said, I just needed to listen to something more upbeat and powerful now that it's Monday and I have a lot of work to do haha. 

Behold, my favorite live performance of Taylor Swift. And I love ALL her live performances but this one is so so soooo good. 

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