Wednesday, November 04, 2020

My 5 steps to becoming a freelancer

Hi everyone! Just dropping by to share with you this video I made for my friend Ginger Arboleda's Love The Leap project. It's all about me sharing my 5 steps on how to become a freelancer. 

I gave this presentation to a Taxumo talk earlier this year (when the pandemic was just a murmuring in the shadows) and I decided I'd share it with my own dear Loyal Readers. Please watch it! I may be able to help you with my tips. I've heard from quite a lot of people that my seminars pushed them to take the leap and put up their own businesses. And let me tell you - they're more successful than me now! Wow! I'm so happy I was able to help so many people. I feel like my life is not a waste haha

Anyway, this is the very first video presentation I ever made. I was so stressed out haha. Do you think I can put up my own YouTube channel? I actually have a YT channel: Topaz Horizon. I only have my brand campaigns there because the brand required it, but there's really nothing there yet. If I start vlogging, what kind of videos would you like to watch? 

Okay, please watch the video I made for Ginger! And please tell me what you think! Thanks, everyone!

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