Sunday, November 15, 2020

Dream MCM house nestled up in the mountains

This gorgeous home may be located in Berkeley, California, but I can totally see it on an Antipolo hilltop. I had a dream a few years ago that I would live in a house in the hills overlooking Manila. The house in my dream didn't look like this (it was one of those tiny, container-van type homes) but I'm going to call this a dream house anyway because when I saw the photos and the view, I fell in love!

This home was designed by R.W. Ratcliff in 1952. I have a huge thing with old Mid Century Modern houses. I love their simplicity and lines and huge glass windows. I just don't know how those windows will work in earthquake- and typhoon-prone Philippines. 

I actually already live in an apartment that's surrounded by huge windows overlooking Manila. Every time there's an earthquake and a typhoon, those windows worry me no end. But most days of the year, I look out at the magnificent view in the east, west, and south and I am glad I live where I live.

That said, I still think a Mid Century Modern home like this one is a dream! Just look at the living and dining areas!

I also like that the hallway leading to the bedrooms is so bright because of those huge windows. I hate dark hallways. My imagination is too good. The bright light from these windows will banish those imagined fears away!

The bedrooms and study are awash with light. They're quite bare, but I guess if you have such an amazing view, your eyes would naturally look out instead of lingering within. However, I do love colorful walls and interesting artwork. So if this were my house, I'd splash those walls with oranges and turquoises and pinks.

The bathroom is very 50s-60s. Many MCM fans are strict and don't like updating bathrooms and kitchens, to keep it within the style. But I dunno. When it comes to the bathroom and the kitchen, I'd like it to be a wee bit more 21st Century. But not all the way to HGTV bland.

Gorgeous patio that looks out to the breathtaking view! I'd update the floor, put slabs of marble or stone tiles. Replace the patio furniture with wrought-iron and put green and tangerine cushions. Delightful!

Too beautiful, that view! You can tell the house was designed to look at that view. I love this house!

*Photos by Open Homes Photography, from Facebook group Mid Century Modern Real Estate World Wide.

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