Wednesday, December 02, 2020

The Christmas 2020 ad of McDonald's made me cry (plus, stories of my kids and Santa Claus)

The holidays are here! And you know what that means - TV commercials! I love Christmas ads. That's one thing you have to know about me. It's two things I love - ads and Christmas! Well, this one by McDonald's UK is my favorite this year so far:

Ugly cry when "Forever young, I want to be forever young..." came on. I want to grow old and I want to see my boys grow up. But I wish we could stay this happy forever. The way they believe everything we say. The way they look up to us. The way they enjoy each other and laugh all day. I hope this lasts forever, this innocence and joy and trust in the goodness of life. Forever young. 

My boys just wrote their letters to Santa. Even 10-year-old Vito. I told him, "You think Santa will still give you a toy? Most kids your age stop believing in him because Santa's gifts kinda suck." In our house, Santa's gifts need to be handmade so it looks like Santa's elves made them. So between a wooden toy and a video game or even a book, you know what wins. But Vito said, "I still believe in Santa! And his toys don't suck. I've been a good boy all year." Yes, he has. So he gets a toy from the North Pole then.

Check out what Vito said about Santa when he was 6:

The second boy, my IƱigo, was the one who reminded me that we need to send the letters to Santa, which surprised me because just last month, this happened:

So I really thought he wasn't going to write to Santa. But he did. And I thought to myself, "Yey, he's still a baby!"

Meanwhile, the baby of the family was all grown up when he wrote this:

Kinda made me cry. On one hand, he still believes in Santa. On the other hand, he's mature enough to realize he's got all that he needs and he doesn't want anything more. Either that or he thinks Santa will get him coal for being naughty this year haha

Kids! They make my heart glad. 

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope we all enjoy your kids while they're small and even when they're big. May we all always be forever young at heart!

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  1. LOL at Inigo! Santa's gifts are made in China bwahahaha!


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