Sunday, March 21, 2021

Another Mid Century Modern dream house

Time to share a new dream house! I found this Mid-Century Modern baby in my favorite Facebook group, MCM Daily. This house is in Citrus Heights, California. So if you're in the area, look it up (or look here!

The design was by Carter Sparks, from 1968. I love the clean lines! Well, that's what I love about MCM. The clean lines of the architecture. Let's look inside!

Oooh, even the furniture and the colors are authentic to the period!

I like that there's a separate sitting area from the living room. Although I'll probably make this a library and, because of the pandemic, we need a dedicated place for homeschooling our kids, too.

Cute and compact kitchen!

Look at that! A vending machine! How fun! And what a great idea. I should do that so that my kids won't eat us out of house and home! Growing boys eat so much!

Okay, this area looks like a home office. Is that a desk on the left? And then another smaller office beyond? Perfect for my husband and myself since we both work from home.

Love the deep navy and the bright yellow color combo! That's what's so nice about MCM. No shying away from bold colors!

Then a big yard! I can see the kids running around here. A pool party. A night out with a campfire under the stars. Us having a barbecue on Sundays like today. We can finally have a dog! Sigh. When will this pandemic end?

What's your dream house like?

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