Thursday, April 29, 2021

The Cambridge Family brand color

Blue, blue, their world is blue!

If there's anything that stamps the Cambridges as millennials it's this: They made themselves into a brand. It's such a millennial thing to do - everyone is a brand now. Even I'm told by PR agencies that my brand is the "raw and authentic mama" and my blog color (which used to be nothing) is orange because topazes are orange (uh, they also come in clear, blue, pink, brown, purple, and green). I'm not a millennial but, sure, okay, I like the branding created for me so let's go with it. 

Anyway, back to the Cambridge family. William and Catherine made themselves officially a brand in 2014 when they registered their selves as businesses. According to the Daily Mail, "Kate’s firm is called CE Strathearn – from her names Catherine and Elizabeth and the Countess of Strathearn title awarded by the Queen. William’s is APL Anglesey – after his middle names Arthur Philip Louis and the Welsh island where he and Kate lived after they married." 

Oh, William. What a romantic!

This is the first time a royal family made themselves into a brand (the second one is Harry and Meghan, and they were severely criticized as usual because apparently, only W&K can do it but H&M can't *roll eyes at tabloids and haters*). Their brands are supposedly not about making money but "more about creating a vehicle that could be used in future for specific situations. It is not necessarily about making money – it could be about protection such as the issue of trademarks for example." Their spokesman added, "APL Anglesey and CE Strathearn have been set up to house the intellectual property rights of the Duke and Duchess."

What that means is they won't stop businesses from making commemorative mugs. But if someone uses their image or names and presents them in a bad way (say, in a gossip site or in a show called The Crown), they can sue and stop these shows, movies, tabloids from profiting from them.

Still, their spokespeople don't deny that the Cambridges may create official items that they will sell. Prince Charles has Duchy Originals, an organic farm that sells premium organic goods, for example. So if Catherine ever decides to start a fashion line or launch a photography book (and she has) or William wants to start a  helicopter royal tours thing, they can.

Obviously, a brand needs colors that will establish its identity to its consumers. Coca-Cola is red, Nickelodeon is orange, McDonald's is yellow, Spotify is green, Barbie is pink, and the Cambridge official color is blue. 

I don't know when it started, or if it was consciously decided on. Maybe it was Diana's sapphire ring that became Kate's engagement ring that started it. At that time, I don't think they thought of themselves as a brand yet. But through the years, whenever they are presenting themselves officially, they come out in blue. 

In fact, when there were rumors that the Cambridges will release photos to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, I told my friends, "I bet all the sales of my book (buy a copy!), they'll both be in blue." And I was right! Well, I'm not a betting woman and it was a safe bet because those two and their kids are always in blue.

Okay, they're not always in blue. They do wear other colors. I love Kate in bright pink best. Maybe I should do a post on Kate's rainbow wardrobe! But blue is their dominant color. 

I would love to look through Kate's closet and count how many blue things she has! I mean, just look at a few of their royal tours. I love how they usually arrive at a new country in blue OOTDs. 

When their firstborn and heir to the throne, Prince George, was born, the new family was in blue. All their official family photos and Christmas cards? Blue. 

Blue is the official Cambridge color. I like how they're so aware of their branding. It makes them so modern. I wonder how they'll move the ancient and archaic monarchy forward when they finally become King and Queen. Can't wait to see that!

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