Sunday, April 18, 2021

Married! For 14 years!! Hooray!!!

I'm cleaning up my old laptop and found so many photos! Just in time for our 14th wedding anniversary TODAY!

And I just want to share them with you because you always cheered us on. For 14 years! And even before that. Thank you! 

Vince and I at my brother's wedding. We're 3 months' married here and we've just moved into our new home. Fun times!

Honeymoon in London! This was a year after we married. This was such a nice trip. I revisited the honeymoon blog posts and, goodness, I want to go back! I've loved the UK since I was a kid. Then my husband spent a few years of his childhood in London. Special place talaga.

I don't remember this haha. But it's right around the first season of Dexter, the serial killer with a moral code, because my nail polish was inspired by one of the victims. Morbid, I know. This must be in Giordano (I'm guessing based on the photo of the model behind us). Vince was shopping. My husband LOVES shopping!

This was me pregnant with Vito! So 2010. We were lunching here, at Italianni's if I remember right, either going to or just came from my OBG appointment at St. Luke's Global. Sigh. Such happy days of hope and anticipation!

I don't know where or when this is hahahaha That's the thing when you've been with one person for a long time. All the days flow into each other and yet it's never enough time. I want to be with this man forever!

Oh, this is Tagaytay! Wedding of my friends, Nikki and Bernard. That was such a fun weekend (more photos here)!

Still at Nikki's wedding, I remember being very moved when Vince and I were talking about marriage. We both love being married and we love attending weddings because it reminds us of our own vows. Till death do us part is nothing to sneeze at. It's a serious decision that should last a lifetime. 

That's what Vince and I promised each other, and 14 years down the road, we're still here, happily here. I hope God gives us many more years together. With this pandemic breathing down our necks, we never know. But that's all I ask really: to grow old with this man and to see all our children grow up and have families of their own, too. I truly do hope and pray God gives us that.


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