Friday, December 29, 2023

Tips for Choosing the Right Coworking Space as a Digital Nomad


Now that modern technology has begun redefining the nature of work beyond the traditional office-based 9 to 5, the life of a digital moment is becoming increasingly appealing to many people. Embracing this lifestyle gives you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and to choose spaces that maximize your productivity. The quest for the right coworking space is akin to finding a second home whose environment is conducive to doing your best work.

Of course, it’s no walk in the park to find the ideal coworking space. You want more than just a workspace that looks pretty—you’ll need an environment that aligns with your personal working style and also meets your professional needs. This choice becomes especially important when you consider the amount of time you’re likely to spend in your chosen coworking space. Fortunately, this handy guide offers some expert tips for choosing the right one.

1. Consider Your Internet Needs

The internet is an indispensable lifeline for workers in pretty much any industry today, but it’s especially important for digital nomads. A fast and reliable internet connection will make it that much easier to complete your tasks and communicate with your clients and colleagues. Hence, making quality internet one of your foremost considerations when choosing your coworking space is imperative.

While most coworking spaces boast high-speed Wi-Fi, it's always prudent to test the connection yourself. Additionally, consider supplementing the coworking space's Wi-Fi with your own mobile internet solution. In this regard, you’ll need to choose the right postpaid mobile plans. These plans can provide a backup for when Wi-Fi is less reliable, or you find yourself working from a location where the coworking space's internet doesn’t reach. This is to ensure that you always have a seamless online experience that allows you to work without interruptions or connectivity issues.

2. Choose a Conveniently Located Coworking Space

Ideally, you should choose a coworking space that’s situated in a convenient, accessible, and secure area. Think about how you will commute there. Can you reach it easily by public transport? Is the area well-lit and safe if you find yourself working late? Proximity to essential services like cafes, eateries, and even leisure spots can also enhance your workday experience by providing opportunities for breaks and informal networking.

3. Look for a Workspace Environment That Suits You

The ambiance and environment of a coworking space can significantly influence your productivity and well-being. Different spaces cater to different work styles: some are buzzing with activity and collaboration, while others offer a more serene, focused atmosphere. It’s important to consider what environment makes you most productive. Are you someone who thrives in a lively, social setting, or do you prefer a quiet corner where you can concentrate without distractions?

Try to visit any coworking spaces you’re considering before committing to a membership. This gives you a firsthand experience of the noise levels, the ergonomic comfort of the workstations, and the general vibe of the place. Some coworking spaces also offer additional amenities such as standing desks, private phone booths, or outdoor areas which can contribute to a more comfortable and versatile working experience. Remember, the right environment can fuel your creativity and motivation, turning the coworking space into a catalyst for your success.

4. Consult Reviews and Recommendations

When searching for the perfect coworking space, don't overlook the power of reviews and recommendations. These can provide valuable insights into the experiences of others and help you gauge what to expect. Look for reviews on independent websites, social media platforms, and coworking space directories. Pay attention to comments about the internet reliability and the atmosphere, as well as the responsiveness of the management team.

You can also expect to get equally helpful information from word-of-mouth recommendations. Reach out to fellow digital nomads or local online communities for their experiences and suggestions. They can offer unfiltered opinions and practical tips based on their own usage of the spaces. While a coworking space that works well for one person might not necessarily be the right fit for you, understanding others' experiences can guide you in making a more informed decision.

5. Check for Flexible Membership Plans

Adaptability is essential for digital nomads, whose work locations can change frequently. Therefore, it's important to find a coworking space that offers flexible membership plans. These plans can range from day passes to monthly memberships and provide the freedom to choose based on your current needs without the commitment of a long-term contract.

When evaluating membership plans, consider the cost in relation to the amenities the space provides. Does the plan include access to meeting rooms, printing facilities, or complimentary beverages? Is there a provision for accessing the space during weekends or outside of standard business hours? These factors can greatly affect your daily working experience. It’s also worth considering if the coworking space has multiple locations. It can be a huge advantage if you travel frequently, as this provides you with a familiar environment in different cities.

In conclusion, the journey to find the right coworking space is as unique as the lifestyle of a digital nomad. It's about balancing practical necessities with personal preferences to create an environment where your productivity and creativity can thrive. Hopefully, the tips above should provide you with a solid checklist of things to consider when choosing a coworking space that fits your needs.

*photo by Jason Goodman from Unsplash.

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