Saturday, July 06, 2024

Life lately

This post is dedicated to dear Loyal Reader Camella, who wrote me: "Thanks for your blog about how your 2023 was. You're so brave to share how difficult it was. I'm also going through a lot and my mental health is suffering so seeing you on the other side of this darkness is inspiring me that things really will get better. My question is how is your 2024? Are you really better?"

Hi Camella, yes, this year is definitely much better in every single way. Thank you for asking! Let's list down what's improved:

  • I've adjusted to work and I'm doing great on the job and with my co-workers. 
  • My family and I have adapted to our new schedule that revolves around work and school, although I wish we could find more time to clean up the house, exercise, and go have fun - but we're exhausted kapag weekends! 
  • I've lost 10 lbs. so from 144, I'm now down to 134 but I should be around 125 so 10 more lbs to go!
  • I'm managing my asthma and my cholesterol levels okay.
  • Mental health is waaaaaay better. No more anxiety and depression, although perimenopause symptoms of palpitations, nervousness, brain fog, painful joints, hot flashes, et al are still plaguing me. But I'm riding them, not fighting them anymore.     
With everything better, life lately has been more relaxed and stress-free for me. I'm still busy and so tired, but I now have mental space to appreciate the good things in my life. Like family and friends. I've started seeing wonderful people again! And it's always good to have relationships. I don't feel so isolated. Let me share a few photos!

This is Martine and Jean. I haven't seen Marts (in pink) since way before the pandemic so it was so nice to see her again, happy, healthy, thriving. I know a lot of you followed her when she and I were mommy bloggers so let me tell you she's in a good place.

Jean (with our other friend Dix) is my fellow royal watcher and we obsess over William and Kate, Charles and Camilla, and Harry and Meghan. We also scrutinize politics and religion, high society, and celebrities. Jean and Dix are very intelligent people, but then all my friends are. I have my business friends, my faith friends, my writer friends... I make sure I surround myself with people who fascinate me. What makes Jean and Dix special is they're the only ones I can gossip with! I knoooow. Gossip is for simple minds supposedly, but gossiping with them is so stimulating because there's always an insight into humanity and its goodness and cruelty. We don't always agree with each other but it's okay. I always feel safe with them.

Here's a table of lawyers, a judge, professors, and writers! This was a special dinner at Jude and Karen's home. Discussions about the government, books, pen collections, writing, and more. But we're all old so we left while the night was still young.

I've really been going out with friends this year. I saw my old friend, Kate. You''d know her as the fashion designer, but now she's pursuing her real love, music. And she's become an award-winning writer! So proud of Kate!

Here's a table of creatives! This is the Communications and Advertising Division of Personal Collection, where I work. They're funny and sweet and just really nice! And efficient. I like working with them a lot.

And here's my family! The Amper family side. With Ding Dong Dantes haha. This was a dinner celebrating birthdays and graduation/moving up, and just being alive and healthy. I enjoyed it a lot. I'm so glad I have my brother and sister. 

Oh, if you have an upcoming event and would like to have good music, book The Manila String Machine!

I'm not always out, by the way. But I do try to carve time out of my schedule to see people at least once a month. Touch base, catch up, unwind. Otherwise, I'll just be caught up in the drudgery of cooking, cleaning, and chores.

This year is all about self-care. Last year, I was so depressed that it took so much willpower to shower. So now I make it a point to care for my body because when my body looks and feels good, my mind feels not so bad anymore. So I also try to set aside time and money for the salon or for little gifts for myself like perfume and books.

I have read so many books, by the way! That has also helped my mental health. Just getting lost in other people's stories distracts my mind. That's my next blog post - I'm publishing it tomorrow!

I should be writing my novel, though. I started it June 2022. Two years later and I'm still stuck at 25,000 words. And I've changed my mind on the plot, too! I'm still writing it - not with words, sure, but it consumes my imagination all the time. So I hope I can finally take them out of my imagination and down on paper! 

Oh, and as a writer, I have a bit of good news

So yes, I am feeling so much better! If in 2023, my mantra was survive, in 2024, it's thrive! This year is so good to me. I'm very happy. Thank you so much for asking, Camella. Now I wrote about it and now I'll always have this post to remind me of such a delightful time. 

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