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Friday, June 17, 2011

What I wore... to the Pond's Secret Garden affair

I wore a K & Company forest green shirt dress that is absolutely unforgiving. It's soft and comfy but if you have fatty bulges, good luck. I squeezed myself into a Spanx body suit and I still got asked how far along the pregnancy I was.

No, I'm not pregnant.
The bag is my old, worn out super soft moss green leather sack from Topshop. Love it!

I wore my Urbanog multi-color platform heels. I was towering over everybody! I miss towering over everybody! I'm mostly in flats these days. Result of mommyhood.
Then, because my dress was beyond simple, I had to wear something a bit flamboyant. Nope, the shoes weren't enough! So I took out my feathered headpiece from Singapore and now I felt perfect!

Of course, when I posed beside society columnist Tessa Prieto Valdes and Visions & Expressions PR powerhouse Ginggay Joven, I looked so plain Jane!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

What a happy anniversary!

This past weekend was just lovely. Vince and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary and the 11th anniversary of when we fell in love! I'll update soonest with a proper post, but for now here's a look back on that very special day:

Tessa Prieto-Valdes a.k.a. The Sea Princess wrote about our wedding in her column. I totally forgot where I put the news clipping of that! But here's another from the Inquirer (click photos to enlarge):

I'll have the Wedding Essentials magazine feature and Cosmopolitan mention scanned so you can take a look, too. I wish I'd also recorded the bridal feature on Kate Torralba's wedding gowns of some TV show. I heard that we had really nice photos from our wedding shown there. Oh well! Have a nice week!