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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Before he was Superman

Everybody suddenly has a crush on Henry Cavill. Get in line, girls. I've had a crush on him since 2007!

I saw him on The Tudors. Boy, that show was something. If you want to see Henry Cavill doing the deed over and over again, make sure you watch this show! He was so young and sexy (and almost always naked!), he nearly overshadowed Jonathan Rhys Meyers!

Apparently, I've seen him before. But he never made an impression. Despite his always-handsome looks. Strange! Maybe I don't like young boys haha.

2002. Here he is as Albert (silent T), the son of the Count of Monte Cristo. I loved the book, I loved the movie.

2007. Here he is as Humphrey, the fiancé of Sienna Miller's character in Stardust. Loved the book. Loved the movie!

2011. As Theseus in the awful Immortals.

Can't wait to watch Henry as the new Superman this weekend! I hope it's good! I had the biggest crush on Christopher Reeve. He was my first crush ever. I remember being 6 or 7 years old and feeling very strange after watching Superman on TV. Infatuation na pala yun. I was so disappointed when Brandon Routh took on the role. Brandon, while incredibly handsome, was so flat and boring. Let's hope Henry is worthy of the red cloak!

*images from But When a Young Lady is to be a Heroine, Fanpop, Just Jared, Geekshizzle, Perez Hilton

Thursday, May 28, 2009

More good news!

I know this news is a week late but Chuck is back for a third season! After all the emails and petitions of fans, the beloved spy comedy romance is returning to our TV screens on March 2010. I am so happy! Thanks, NBC!

2010 is many months away so I'm glad I still have The Tudors to keep me riveted. This is one of the best shows ever! It's history, politics, sex, scandal, religion, lavish excess, intrigue, style, love and passion all rolled into one! Right now, King Henry is disenchanted with his new wife, Anne of Cleves. Anne is played by Joss Stone and she's actually good--who knew that singer can be a good actress, too?

Showtime really has fantastic shows; aside from The Tudors, they also have Dexter--the serial murderer series. I love this one! It's funny, dark and bloody, and just chilling! I love the marketing promo, too (see above)--very clever, very sophisticated, very Dexter. The fourth season is set to debut this fall in the US so I have that to watch when The Tudors is done. I think I mentioned this somewhere in my blog before but I must confess that of all the fictional characters I've ever met (in a book, a story, a movie, etc), I relate to Dexter Morgan the most. Now that's something that scares even me...

Fringe is another show I love. It's all about the supernatural and mysterious, kinda like The X-Files but I kinda like Fringe better. I adore Olivia Dunham so much I want to name my daughter after her character! The no-nonsense Olivia is played by Aussie actress Anna Torv--that's her floating up there. She is unconventionally beautiful and she gets lovelier with each episode. The first season just ended and there's no word from Fox yet when the second season will be but I'm happy to note that there will most definitely be a new season!

Well, judging from the shows I watch, you can tell I'm not a fan of the silly, fluffy and frivolous. Yeah, I like my entertainment raw, strange, mind-boggling, bizarre, even frightening. Then the delightful Chuck (and the sadly discontinued Pushing Daisies) happened and I have never been more in love with such a sunny, happy character! And despite Chuck's sunniness, the show ain't dumb and silly at all!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Vanity, vanity... photos of what I wore

Because of some outfit-for-the-day sites I've become addicted to, I've snapped myself in some of my clothes these past few days. The photos aren't as nice (gosh, what cameras do these people use?), and the clothes aren't as amazing (how can I ever be as stylish as these people?) but it's a start.

Going to: driving class
Wearing: pale pink bell-sleeve top from Korea, Levi's Lady's Style skinny jeans, Nine West brown heels, Liz Claiborne multi-colored bag, Maldita shades
(Mental note: open neckline more to show off Liz Claiborne pink rose quartz necklace)

Going to: radio tours to promote OK! magazine, here at NU 107.5
Wearing: Karimadon baby-doll dress, Steve Madden ballerina flats
in satin and leather
(Mental note: avoid this pose; makes legs look bigger than they are)

Going to: press preview of The Tudors at Greenbelt 3
Wearing: Jockey undershirt, Kate Moss for TopShop wide-leg wool pants, Kenneth Cole Reaction platforms, Fino satchel, Jieux necklace
(Mental note: avoid this pose since I look like I'm scratching my bikini line)

Going to: the grocery next door
Wearing: Bayo Fabulously Pinay tee, Chocolate shorts, Schu
pompom and tweed flats, bayong from Subic
(Mental note: always brush hair even for quick errands next door!!!)