Sunday, September 07, 2008

Vanity, vanity... photos of what I wore

Because of some outfit-for-the-day sites I've become addicted to, I've snapped myself in some of my clothes these past few days. The photos aren't as nice (gosh, what cameras do these people use?), and the clothes aren't as amazing (how can I ever be as stylish as these people?) but it's a start.

Going to: driving class
Wearing: pale pink bell-sleeve top from Korea, Levi's Lady's Style skinny jeans, Nine West brown heels, Liz Claiborne multi-colored bag, Maldita shades
(Mental note: open neckline more to show off Liz Claiborne pink rose quartz necklace)

Going to: radio tours to promote OK! magazine, here at NU 107.5
Wearing: Karimadon baby-doll dress, Steve Madden ballerina flats
in satin and leather
(Mental note: avoid this pose; makes legs look bigger than they are)

Going to: press preview of The Tudors at Greenbelt 3
Wearing: Jockey undershirt, Kate Moss for TopShop wide-leg wool pants, Kenneth Cole Reaction platforms, Fino satchel, Jieux necklace
(Mental note: avoid this pose since I look like I'm scratching my bikini line)

Going to: the grocery next door
Wearing: Bayo Fabulously Pinay tee, Chocolate shorts, Schu
pompom and tweed flats, bayong from Subic
(Mental note: always brush hair even for quick errands next door!!!)


  1. HAHAHA you are so cute still!
    :) as for your questions: a) they have a village to make them look like demigods; and b) lighting makes a difference too. (Case in point: i did a self portrait series for my photo club and the equipment I had was a Nikon S1 and wide open sliding doors.)

  2. Ya, lighting is everything! I use a 10-megapixel Kodak and my pics still look like crap!

    Thanks, Cris =D

  3. Hello, Wendy! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours are great! I love your jewelry!

  4. bad hair day or not.. those are nice outfits. :)

  5. Hey thanks, Tani! I'll post more pics soon. It helps me think more about what I'm wearing instead of my usual throw-on-anything attitude!


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