Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Meanwhile, at the church…

Vince says he played the My Fair Lady song “Get Me to the Church on Time” as he and best man Jukka drove to Archbishop’s Palace. He was not just on time; he was there early. The wedding was at 4PM. He was there at 2:30! Excited ba? He looks so cute in his gorgeous pinstripe suit and white silk tie. Yum!

Everyone waited for me. I didn’t want to be late but *argh!* I was. Trouble with the gown. Mama didn’t know how to do the straps at the back! Anyway, I arrived at 3:45 in the sleek red Jaguar that Tita Luz Cotoco lent us. I wanted to enjoy a few minutes more in the car with my bridesmaids, you know, to collect myself but I was late! Thankfully my guests were all in a good mood, even my little adorable page boys, Kevin Sales and Zo Onrubia. They’re Vince’s nephews and godsons. They’re super makulit but for the walk down the aisle, they were remarkably well behaved. Bravo, boys!

And here we go…

Getting ready to stun my groom

Who else will do my makeup for the big day? There was no question that my old high school friend, Jigs Mayuga, chief makeup artist for L’Oreal Paris, will do it. He took Ney Guese, this lovely talented young man to do my hair. While we talked, I found out that Jigs is an Industrial Engineering graduate from U.P. Diliman (same campus I went to but I took Creative Writing so we never actually bumped into each other) and that Ney is a Political Science graduate from the Ateneo. Imagine that!

Look at me! Love the makeup. Love the hair. Love the bouquet. Now I’m ready to meet Vince!

I chattered away throughout the beautifying session (I was all nerves!) but when Ney draped the veil over me, I gasped in utter shock. I nearly frikkin’ screamed my head off. I was a bride!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Curiouser and curiouser

Photo by Benjamin Combs from https://stocksnap.io/

Life these days has been pretty strange. Eventful. Too eventful, in fact. It's a bit sad I haven't had any real time to actually type down my thoughts here as the events happen. At the same time, it's best I also didn't do so. Now that things have settled down a bit, I have a different perspective on certain things. And also things are still unfolding so I don't really want to have an opinion on anything yet. I am in wait-and-see mode.

So what are these "things"? Oh, aside from Gandalf dying so unexpectedly (we're still sad), there's the career front for both Vince and me (it's been very very interesting lately), the expenses for the wedding and the house (oh my God!), my evolving thoughts on motherhood (nope, I still don't want to be a mom and I'm relieved Vince isn't so hot on becoming a dad either yet there's a big change: We are open to the idea that parenthood may be an option), and oh other things. Lots. But it's all good. Life happens.

Anyway, the wedding's full speed ahead! Everything's pretty much okay except that the church flowers and papa's suit haven't been paid for. I still have to buy shoes for my flower girls. We haven't found a necktie for Vince. The misalette has to be approved by Fr. Dacanay and then I'll have to print out a hundred copies of that. Vince has to get a haircut, I have to get my hair colored. Oooh, lots of things still to do! But I'm cool.

I'm amazed (and so is everybody else!) at how relaxed I am about this wedding. That's because weddings are the silliest, most expensive affairs. So I just can't get stressed about something so inane. I just want it over and done with. I'll be happiest when it's all over. I am so looking forward to becoming a wife but I just hate this bride business!