Monday, November 03, 2008

Entrecard made me popular!

Since joining the vast Entrecard community a month ago, my blog's popularity has increased. Like, a lot. My Alexa rank shot up (or rather down since the lower the numeral, the better!). Of course, I had to work for that by visiting Entrecard every other day and dropping my E-Card on blogs to earn points and gain visibility. If I just worked harder, my blog would become even more popular, right? But gee, I have to go make a magazine and keep house, guys! Anyway, bloggers have been advertising on my blog (see the yellow box to the right please) and I've been advertising my own blog on others. It's been an interesting and enjoyable month of discovering new blogs, that's the least I can say.

Oh, I'd also like to say thanks to my top droppers this month, ranked below. Please click on their badges to visit their blogs.

Vince's Life Part 2 launch!

The long-awaited second installment of Vince's Life is here, folks! If you're a fan, drop by at Powerbooks Greenbelt 4 next Monday evening for a reading. Who knows? The real Vince may be there!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

And the Straight vs Curly winners are...

Actually, it's just one winner. Vanessa Arinsol won the Sunsilk Style Curls and Wave Bounce set. She won because she was the first who followed the rules. Never underestimate following instructions! Nhe, I emailed you about the prize details.

Twisted Halo also followed the rules but she also wanted the same set. Alas, Vanessa answered first. Twisted Halo, better luck next time!

Thanks everybody!