Saturday, July 04, 2009

Wine Date!

Me, Nikki (OK! beauty columnist) and Nicole (Cosmo beauty editor) at the lovely lobby of The Spa High Street
Wine Night is always a pleasant time for drinking, eating and catching up with my girlfriends. But it can get fattening, that's why we do it just once every month. If we did that more often, we'd be needing some strong doses of ephedra and we wouldn't want that!
The private villas were up on the roof. Here we are led
to our villas--we got one each! Heaven!
Well, The Spa has offered Nikki, Nicole and I* a Wine Date--spa treatments involving wine! This time there will be no drinking but it will definitely be a session of soaking, scrubbing, massaging, slimming and other intoxicating treats! Ola Bailon of The Spa is just the most wonderful person for inviting us girls to enjoy this Wine Date.
Me in the tub. The bubble bath was so rich and creamy, I couldn't find my toes!
When we were done, we were all buffed till our skin was shining and we were just so soft and pretty. Love The Spa. Especially since my husband enjoyed touching my skin that evening. Yey! I'll do a thorough review of Vinotherapy and Red Wine Sparkler Scrub in my beauty blog this weekend. *Kat is in Turkey so she wasn't able to join us for Wine Date.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Papa and me

This photo from my wedding was supposed to be in the Father's Day post but, with all the photos I was putting up, I forgot to post this one.

I was admiring my bridal self in front of the mirror when Papa joined me. He looked at me appreciatively then said, "I look good!" I stuck out my tongue at him before I giggled.

It's one of my favorite photos.

P.S. If you're wondering why my blog title is in that weird color, it's because of the poll program I'm using for my Choose the Shoes post.

Choose the shoes!

I need your help, ladies! I'm thinking of starting a business soon and it will deal with a favorite of mine--shoes! So I need a bit of help with choosing the initial merchandise. Here are the Delicious shoe designs I'm looking at (click photo to enlarge):

(the black-and-gold style won)

Next, I need to know how much money you normally part with when it comes to shoes. Oh, I never go beyond PHP 5,000, if you must know.

(you spend less that PHP 2,500 on shoes)

That's it! Thank you, girls. I hope to make this idea into a reality and shoes, they're easy for me. I love them and selling a few online will earn me a bit of money without me needing to put up a store, buy industrial equipment, hire sales people... at the start. If this does well, with your help, this just might be my ticket to riches!

*photos from