Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Choose the shoes!

I need your help, ladies! I'm thinking of starting a business soon and it will deal with a favorite of mine--shoes! So I need a bit of help with choosing the initial merchandise. Here are the Delicious shoe designs I'm looking at (click photo to enlarge):

(the black-and-gold style won)

Next, I need to know how much money you normally part with when it comes to shoes. Oh, I never go beyond PHP 5,000, if you must know.

(you spend less that PHP 2,500 on shoes)

That's it! Thank you, girls. I hope to make this idea into a reality and shoes, they're easy for me. I love them and selling a few online will earn me a bit of money without me needing to put up a store, buy industrial equipment, hire sales people... at the start. If this does well, with your help, this just might be my ticket to riches!

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  1. You're a natural entrepreneur so I believe any business you venture in will be a success :)

  2. These are funky shoes, Frances! Don't you just love online selling? It cuts costs (and risks!) plus you get to project your business' success level.

    I hope this pushes through!

  3. NY Minute, I truly hope so! I just don't want to spend the rest of my days getting a salary, ya know? =P

    HerRoyal, funky indeed!


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