Monday, November 28, 2011

Romance isn't dead!

November was a very exciting month for the magazine I work for. We finished our last issue for the year (yep, the December issue just hit newsstands last weekend!), it was my birthday and my staff gave me one of my requested gifts (the moist and tempting red velvet cake from Karen's Kitchen!), and Kabbie got engaged!!!

I won't tell the story. That's for the bride-to-be to share. So click here for the super romantic proposal!

Did you read it?! Good! Now that you've read the story, here are some things I want to share about that special day:
This wasn't the shot that made it to the magazine.

1. The plan was for Mitor to propose at 3:30 p.m. Thing is we finished hair and makeup early so we got to Cafe 1771 early, the shoot started early and, therefore, we finished well ahead of 3:30! We implored the photographer, Mitch Mauricio, to take individual shots, even though there was no need for solo pics for the magazine. Mine are below:

2. My makeup is so dark =( Compare my fez with my arms. Sigh! Anyway, I posed with my brand new Fino bag. It's Vince's birthday gift! It went well with the Gryffindor-meets-Glee-meets-Gossip Girl color scheme.

3. Finally, just as we were running out of ideas to keep Kabbie and the staff in the venue (wacky shots anyone?!), Mitor arrived! We went through all the steps to the big surprise. And Kabbie was super shocked!

4. I told Mitor that he had to be super dressed up for the proposal because (a) when you ask a woman to spend the rest of your life with her, you better knock her dead with how handsome a husband you'll make, and (b) this was going to come out in the magazine. As the editor of said magazine, I decree that everyone who appears in its pages be well dressed!

5. Mitor gave her a rock. Check it out!

Congratulations to the happy couple! Marriage isn't a bed of roses (well, it is if you remember that roses have thorns!). It's hard, it takes work, it takes commitment. But the love, the friendship, the laughter, the joy, the... everything! Oh, it's oh so worth it. May you both be blessed all your shared lifetime!

Friday, November 25, 2011

My stamp collection

Weekend weekend! And what do we do on weekends? Some shop, some go out with family and friends, some watch movies, some play sports, some paint their roofs or fix the faucet or do some motorhome repair, and then there are those who devote their idle days on quirky little hobbies like stamp collecting.

I have a cute stamp collection myself. They're all of rabbits!

It's a modest collection. I have many more stamps--so adorable and clever!--but this would be a very long and picture-heavy post if I posted them all. I haven't actually been able to attend to my little hobby since I gave birth in 2010, so imagine my shock and delight when Mariel's dad, Tito William, sent me these awesome gold stamps:
The stamps came in a special folder encased in protective plastic.

OMG. They're 24-karat gold foil! I haven't taken them out of the plastic. I don't want to soil them with the oils and dirt from my fingertips. It's an amazing pair of precious stamps. Tito William, thank you oh so much! I will cherish these stamps forever!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

What I want for Christmas (the frivolous list!)

The trouble with having everything you ever dreamed of is this: When people ask me what I want for my birthday or for Christmas, I end up saying, "Nothing. I have all that I need." Or I say, "Just give gifts to my Vito. I'm okay." But of course I want stuff. Don't we all?! It's just that the stuff I want entail a lot of money so it's kinda embarrassing to tell people, "Well, actually, I'd love it if you gave me this-and-that!"

What's this-and-that? Well, limited edition books, fine pens, high-thread count bed sheets, monogrammed stationery... You know, stuff! Totally unnecessary, totally frivolous, totally wonderful! Here are a few specifics:

The green Mango dress. Because I look fab in it and everyone agreed! So obviously I should have that darling dress in my possession!

A wrist watch. Someone sent me a link to some Michael Kors watches and I was suddenly reminded that I used to be a watch girl. Yep, before I had a baby, I felt absolutely naked without a watch. Then Vito came along and watches and bracelets and bangles became part of my other life. I actually already have quite a number of lovely watches. But I want a new one. Maybe a Philip Stein one.

A weekend (or maybe the entire holidays!) away. Preferably at Tagaytay, ensconced in a log cabin with my hubby and little boy! It's just too hot in Manila. What is up with this strange weather?!

New shoes. I'm going to sell all my pre-preggy shoes on eBay. I don't think I'm the sky-high heels kinda girl anymore. So I want new ballet flats and will try something I have never ever worn before: kitten heels. Uh-oh. I think that, yep, I am finally a mommy!

A curling iron. After I read The Picky Dresser's easy tutorial on how she gets perfect hair every single day, I vowed that I should have that Vidal Sassoon Ceramic Instant Heat 32mm Iron!

O.P.I. nail polish. I have nice nails so I love a good mani-pedi to show them off. Here I'm wearing Glitzerland. This was the year that I became a nail polish snob, by the way. Used to be any drugstore brand was okay but ever since I discovered fabulous (and expensive) nail polish, there was just no going back for me. I always bring my own bottles of polish to the nail salon and I want more!

A pearl set. I want a single strand golden pearl necklace and a matching pair of earrings. Because I'm 35 years old and I should have something that classic and perfect in my jewelry box!

Diamonds. Aha! I think, since this is the priciest in the bunch, maybe I'll wait till after Christmas and ask it from Vince as my push present! A push present is what you get for pushing a baby out. The whole process is gory and dangerous and horrifying and glorious all at the same time so for carrying his baby for 9 months and pushing it out safely, hubby oughta reward your efforts! For Vito, Vince gave me my topaz ring. I've been mulling over what I want for Wiggle and have finally decided I want a diamond bracelet or a pair of diamond studs. (For more on push presents, head over to Topaz Mommy!)

I can think of more! Since I've been a very good girl this year, I do believe I deserve some lovely treats. But let's leave the list at that because, well, I do have everything I need and more! With my darling husband and baby boy, our wonderful home, our health, life is beyond fabulous. And I don't want to be too greedy. So... okay, I'll be happy with the nail polish!

What's on your dream gift list? Do share! Maybe I can add your wish to my list!

P.S. Still shopping for gifts? I highly recommend you read my Topaz Horizon Gift Guide!