Friday, November 25, 2011

My stamp collection

Weekend weekend! And what do we do on weekends? Some shop, some go out with family and friends, some watch movies, some play sports, some paint their roofs or fix the faucet or do some motorhome repair, and then there are those who devote their idle days on quirky little hobbies like stamp collecting.

I have a cute stamp collection myself. They're all of rabbits!

It's a modest collection. I have many more stamps--so adorable and clever!--but this would be a very long and picture-heavy post if I posted them all. I haven't actually been able to attend to my little hobby since I gave birth in 2010, so imagine my shock and delight when Mariel's dad, Tito William, sent me these awesome gold stamps:
The stamps came in a special folder encased in protective plastic.

OMG. They're 24-karat gold foil! I haven't taken them out of the plastic. I don't want to soil them with the oils and dirt from my fingertips. It's an amazing pair of precious stamps. Tito William, thank you oh so much! I will cherish these stamps forever!


  1. Cute rabbit stamps! How nice those gold stamps, unused pa!
    I was a stamp collector too!!! elementary to high school :) assorted naman ako from all over the world. Now the albums and boxes are just collecting dust.

  2. Those are special! My brother is a serious collector. He's got tons!
    Hope you (both) are doing great!

  3. I'm collecting stamps too from all over the world but your collection is special especially made of 24-karat gold! It's totally priceless!

  4. I'm happy you like the stamps. I hope Vito will become a philatelist too. That Philanippon presentation folder is one of 7 given to me by a Japanese friend. When I saw one of the designs is a rabbit, I immediately knew who to share it with, especially with your birthday coming up then. Regards to Vince and hugs to the cute boy. Take care!


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