Sunday, July 22, 2012


I get all sorts of requests in my inbox so here am I granting some of them:

Like One Hyundai Club Life in Style
I actually don't know what One Hyundai Club Life In Style is. I think it's a club for owners of Hyundai cars (which we're not--we own a Mazda). If you're part of this club, then you get exclusive rewards and privileges. Don't own a Hyundai? Well, if you like their Facebook page, you just might win a GC to shop at Zalora. So like, like, like!

Look at Michael Kors's new ad campaign
Michael Kors is the guy on Project Runway. Ya know, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors. Heidi's the model, Nina's the fashion editor, and Michael's the fashion designer.

Michael Kors's advertising campaign has always had a Hollywood theme--red carpet, paparazzi, the lives of the rich and famous. His Fall ad campaign is still all about Tinseltown, this time it features beautiful people in beautiful clothes shot by famed photographer Mario Testino at the backlot of Paramount Studios. The inspiration? The old Hollywood glam that's missing in today's stars!

Buy Latch a Babe
Lactating mama? I am! And if you're like me, you are on a constant search for clothes that look nice while providing instant access to your boob. I don't own a dress from this brand (yet!) but so far, I'm liking what I see. You, too? Then send your inquiries to

Shop Mothercare's big sale
Or you can just go to Mothercare and make pakyaw the stuff on sale! It's no secret that I love Mothercare and shop there quite a lot. Of course, I mega-shopped right before this sale. I didn't know!!! So now that there's a sale, I'm not going because I already bought a lot (at regular price!). But hey, lucky you! You have two more weeks to get high quality mommy and baby things for a fraction of the price!

Sign up for BabyGap's gift registry
Or you can just use BabyGap's registry and get your family and friends to buy stuff for your bebe! Just sign up and you get treats and cute invitations to give to your baby shower guests.

Eat Chowking's Chao Pao
I love Chowking's fish and tofu dish. Then they discontinued it. So now I go to Chowking for their Naicha tea. It's very strong and very sweet. Love it! Now there's a new reason for me to drop by Chowking for merienda. The chow pao! I haven't yet. Have you tried it? Masarap ba?

Be a Bench Underwear model
The Bench Undies Show is like the most screamed at, shrieked at, most anticipated fashion show in the country. I've only gone to two or three shows in the distant past. Maybe I'll go this year. Maybe... But I have to get a good seat first! I don't want to squint at naked bodies anymore.

Yes, naked bodies. If you think your body is tall, long, lean, sexy (not flabby, chunky, short please!), then forget the stormy weather and be at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel on July 22, Sunday (that's today!). Registration starts at 11am. Good luck!

Lots to do this Sunday! Do one, a few or all of the above! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My favorite stuff from Facebook today

Usually, my Facebook feed is full of baby photos. I guess Facebook, in all its wisdom, decided that since I'm a mommy, all I'm ever interested in is family stuff.

Not true. I like murder, too. And sexy hot women. So when I saw this photo of the cast of Showtime's Dexter at Comic-Con and then I spotted Chuck's Yvonne Strahovski at far right, I was freaking out! Agent Sarah Walker in Dexter! I am oh so excited for the next season!!!

I like sci-fi and weird stuff, too. So I am a huge fan of Fringe, that show where everyone wears coats and frowns as they figure out the mysteries of the (parallel) universe(s). So this photo of the dowdy Dr. Bishop now looking dapper in a button-down and a chic fedora and the suited up Agent Broyles in a graphic tee is priceless!

Totally think this is adorable: a funny clip of comediennes Jennifer Aniston and Ellen Degeneres.

Then this. Cutest photo bomb ever!

I can read this easily. I used to write in my journal like this. Feeling Da Vinci when I was a silly young girl who thought she was smarter than everyone else. Sadly (and happily, too!), not true!

Love this! I'd rather be a Jedi than a witch anyway. Although I secretly believe I really am a hobbit. I like eating second breakfasts and elevenses.

And finally...
Soooo glad these updates got through because I'm definitely more than a mommy!

What's on your Facebook feed?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Closet must-have: Tory Burch Chelsea Ballet flats

When you're a mommy like me, you want to be able to run around comfortably. When you're in the magazine business like me, you want to be able to look good at work. When you're trying to be chic whatever the occasion like me, you want to never sacrifice style for comfort and comfort for style.

So I'd like to have one pair each of these Chelsea ballet flats please! Size 36.
Tory Burch studied an actual ballet slipper when she designed this wardrobe staple. So the soft leather, the lightness, the grosgrain ribbon trim and narrow toe box will definitely inspire you to dance while walking! The name, meanwhile, is taken after New York's art district. So the shoe is for the girl who likes to while away the days visiting museums and galleries, attending exhibits and shows--in comfy shoes, sure, but in luxe comfy shoes!

At P9,650 a pair, it's quite pricey but, hey, as someone who's spent loooong days in heels for years and years, I'm ready to invest in flats as beautiful and comfortable as the Chelsea.

Tory Burch is available at Greenbelt 5.