Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My favorite stuff from Facebook today

Usually, my Facebook feed is full of baby photos. I guess Facebook, in all its wisdom, decided that since I'm a mommy, all I'm ever interested in is family stuff.

Not true. I like murder, too. And sexy hot women. So when I saw this photo of the cast of Showtime's Dexter at Comic-Con and then I spotted Chuck's Yvonne Strahovski at far right, I was freaking out! Agent Sarah Walker in Dexter! I am oh so excited for the next season!!!

I like sci-fi and weird stuff, too. So I am a huge fan of Fringe, that show where everyone wears coats and frowns as they figure out the mysteries of the (parallel) universe(s). So this photo of the dowdy Dr. Bishop now looking dapper in a button-down and a chic fedora and the suited up Agent Broyles in a graphic tee is priceless!

Totally think this is adorable: a funny clip of comediennes Jennifer Aniston and Ellen Degeneres.

Then this. Cutest photo bomb ever!

I can read this easily. I used to write in my journal like this. Feeling Da Vinci when I was a silly young girl who thought she was smarter than everyone else. Sadly (and happily, too!), not true!

Love this! I'd rather be a Jedi than a witch anyway. Although I secretly believe I really am a hobbit. I like eating second breakfasts and elevenses.

And finally...
Soooo glad these updates got through because I'm definitely more than a mommy!

What's on your Facebook feed?


  1. my facebook feeds are full of friends' babies' photos, engagement announcements, in a relationship status change and prenup pics! sometimes it makes the single gal feel sad.

  2. So cute! That seal is adorable! I too secretly think I'm a hobbit.

  3. I laughed at the seal picture -- then worried it ate a penguin right after! :-O

  4. Hi, Frances! The picture of the seal with the penguins made my day! I shared it sa Facebook ha, and I mentioned that I got it from your blog... Happy Friday! :)

  5. The seal is so cute and I find the last photo funny and true.. LOL I want to be a Jedi.. hehe!


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