Monday, May 16, 2016

Iñigo is 4! What fun!

My dearest darling beautiful bunny rabbit Iñigo turned 4 last week and we had the most fantabulous day!

First, it started out with Iñigo oohing and ahhhing at the birthday decorations we put up. This year, we let our Lightning McQueen party decor rest and we used Avengers instead. The birthday boy was impressed!

His cake was a simple Red Ribbon cake that I decorated with an Iron Man mask. That was Vince's idea. Which he said was actually Iñigo's idea. So we gave him what he wanted! He was thrilled!

When I asked him what his birthday wish was, he said, "Iron Man!" Then he said we made his wish come true and pointed to the mask on his cake. Oh, birthday boy, little did you know that we had more surprises for you!

First, new red shirts! Iron Man, of course. He immediately changed into the hoodie we got him. Isn't that such a cool shirt???

Then because he did still love Cars, we got him a new Mack. He already has two Macks but this one is also a storage unit. It can fit his other cars.

The birthday boy with his Papa. Vince is always the one excited about our kids' birthdays, to be absolutely honest. He's been preparing for Iñigo's birthday for weeks! What a daddy! I love him so much for being such a great father!

Back to Iñigo!

After a big lunch at Cibo—the kids' favorite restaurant after McDonald's hehe—we went to the newly opened Kidzoona at Shangri-La Plaza. The kids had a BLAST! Three hours of FUN!

We have a gazillion photos of the boys enjoying the day. I'll do a different post on that. Today, I just want to honor my beautiful darling Iñigo. He's 4 and he's the sweetest little boy. Always so sensitive to me, always playful, always so full of love and lambing. He grows ever so adorable with each passing year!

Dear Iñigo, thank you for being so happy and loving to me and your Papa, and to your brothers, even the super kulit Piero who gets on your nerves. Thanks for always getting gigil with us. We love how much you love us and aren't afraid to show it!

Our birthday wish for you is perfect health all the days of your life. May you grow in love, wisdom, strength and compassion. We love you so very much! God bless you!

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

A big thanks to all who help moms!

This post is brought to you by SMART Communications.

I've been away from this blog for soooo long! The elections took nearly all my attention, stole away my time, and drained me emotionally. In fact, I almost forgot it was Mother's Day last Sunday. That was how consumed I was with the whole thing! But my husband and my kids surprised me with a sweet card decorated with handmade flowers, and added rabbits to the mix!
I don't want to pack it away. The kids made those flowers themselves.
The rabbits are wall hooks. Because I leave my clothes draped on chairs everywhere 

I'm a lucky girl. I know I keep saying that. Someone told me baka ma-jinx. Ako naman, my belief is if you're not acknowledging your blessings, they'll be taken away. So araw-araw talaga, I look at my husband, my kids, my life and say, "Thank You, God! I don't know what I did to deserve them because You know I don't deserve them, and yet You gave me them. Thank you!"

As a mother, I especially want to honor my husband for being my total partner in parenting. What do I mean by "total"? Well, society has clear-cut definitions of what fathers and mothers should do. Fathers provide and discipline. They should never help with childcare. Mothers take care of the kids and the home. They should never have a career.

In our home, however, Vince and I share all responsibilities. There's no shirking of responsibilities just because gender dictates so. He loves the nurturing part—giving our sons baths, feeding them, and teaching them how to read. I like to do those, too! But many times, I'm spent and Vince always swoops in, always ready with a cuddle and a kiss for me and the boys. Some people think that's a mother's job. If that's how they see it, then thank you, Vince, for not shying away from mothering our boys!

I have friends who are single mothers and they are grateful for the family who swooped in and stood as fathers for their kids. Some even stood as mothers for those times when my single mother friends had to be away to be providers. I have friends who are lucky enough to have found yayas who love their kids. Those are the best kind of yayas because they will care for your kids with their very lives.

Motherhood may be a tough job but I'm glad we have help. Thanks so much to everyone who helps us moms with the mothering. Whether it's our husbands, partners, best friends, mothers and mothers-in-law, sisters and sisters-in-law, brothers and brothers-in-law, neighbors and yayas, God bless the people who share the burden of raising our little ones. 

Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 02, 2016

Learn how to dress your pregnant self stylishly in Mom 101

Happy Mommy's Month!

It's been a very busy past few weeks for me—I have new blog partners and new endorsements! Mother's Month (hehe because we all know we have to appreciate moms all this month!) is just as busy. The scariest part is I have new speaking engagements! I'm frightened and excited at the same time because with my workshops, I usually just speak to 10-20 people. My talks this month have an audience of 120-150!

The first one is this Saturday, at the Mom 101 & Breastfeeding 101 series of St. Luke's Medical Center. This series is by the OBG Department and this weekend's instalment has a summer theme. I'll be talking about how to dress your baby bump stylishly even when it's so hot!

My segment is sponsored by Elin Maternity Wear. I was the first ambassador of Elin way back in 2014. It was so fun to have all my maternity clothes for free! Thanks, Elin! Actually, I still wear Elin because they have clothes for breastfeeding moms, too. And if you check out their site, they have other clothes that moms and non-moms can wear. Shop here:

I hope you can invite your pregnant friends to come spend the day with us on Saturday! Just register through the number stated on the poster above. See you!