Saturday, December 16, 2017

WANT: Fatburger's Chili Cheese Fries

Just a quick post today because I know you all are so busy shopping, mamas. But if you happen to be shopping at Glorietta, make sure you pass by Fatburger for their Chili Cheese Fries!

My family and I went to Glorietta last weekend to do some shopping and you know, because we have small kids and no one to leave them with, Vince and I haven't really gone out in years. If we want to eat food we didn't cook, we ordered in usually from McDonald's and KFC and Pizza Hut. That's basically our food repertoire for the past 7 years. So when we went to Glorietta last weekend, we went exploring for food. Because we've been eating light and healthy since summer (thanks, Harvest Family Comfort Meals!), Vince and I were hunting for a really big and beefy, greasy burger.

Hello, Fatburger!

Burger joints usually serve milkshakes so the kids had those. I think they're a bit pricey pero masarap naman so okay na rin.

Vito and IƱigo got the waffles. They're a huge fan of waffles. They always order waffles if they spot it on the menu. My bunso, Piero, is a rice guy. He'll always order chicken and rice or meat and rice or fish and rice. Basta rice!

Anyway, the boys said the waffles were great! Their only complaint was the butter. My kids are spoiled. They're used to whipped butter or softened butter—not frozen butter. Fatburger, you have to do something about your hard-as-ice butter, guys.

Anyway, Vince and I had a burger each. Vince got a huge burger, me just the regular one because it already looked big and heavy to me. Just look at it! Vince's burger was even bigger than mine. Quite a meal and we liked that the patties were very juicy and tasty.

But the real discovery for me was the Chili Cheese Fries. I love chili. So I always order it when I see it on the menu. I get disappointed sometimes kasi sometimes the chili people serve here is mostly spaghetti sauce.I think Pinoys don't like chili kasi real chili is medyo maanghit haha And gritty and heavy because of the beans (although I didn't taste any beans in the Chili Cheese Fries).

So anyway, I also love the fries because they're skinny and crunchy. Vey well fried! Hindi soggy and greasy. I also like that the fries are made from potatoes flown all the way from the US of A. Now you know I appreciate that because the United States is the only country required by USDA Grading Standards to ensure food safety by using state-of-the-art technology to instantly freeze potatoes to lock in the flavor and nutrients. You know why I know this? Because if you order the fries, you get to join a little pick-a-prize thing and I won a magnet (see pic) and now I know!

After our heavy lunch, the kids had fun playing at the big Fatburger restaurant. We ate lunch early so wala pang crowds but it was so really nice of the crew to be so good with our boys. Thanks!

Fatburgers is in Glorietta 2, on Palm Drive. Kahilera siya ng Holiday Inn, Glorietta 2 entrance, right beside Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Drop by if you're shopping today!

*This post is brought to you by US Potatoes.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Frances Finds: Whatta Tops Krismas Delight boxes make great little gifts

I'm back, mamas! I've been away because these days have been extra busy and extra traffic. Well, it's definitely the holiday season. I'm going to quickly share a fantabulous and super affordable find because if you're a working mama like me who has absolutely no time to go around the malls looking for budget-friendly gifts for co-workers, your kids' teachers and classmates, and your neighbors (and then wrapping them pa!), I have found it—the gift that is already packed in a festive box, has lots of goodies inside, and is super affordable!

Mamas, meet the Whatta Tops Krismas Delight holiday boxes!

It's a special Christmas Edition pack with limited edition flavors: Tsokolate and Mango Espesyal. 

Each box has three cupcakes of each flavor so you're giving away six special cupcakes in a lovely, very Paskong Pinoy box and for only P50! FIFTY PESOS!!!

The cupcakes are yummy, too. The Tsokolate is a chocolate cupcake with chocolate cream filling, topped with white chocolate and chocolate candy.

The Mango Espesyal is a butter cake with cream topped with white chocolate, dried mango bits and chocolate sprinkles. Masarap siya!

Diba it's such a nice idea? Buy boxes for Christmas carolers. Bring extra boxes when you go to family reunions for those family members you forgot (hahahaha). Stock up for the security guards and janitors in your condo. Give to messengers who deliver your packages.

I super love it! Mura kasi pero masarap and masayang ibigay at matanggap. 

Okay, head off to your nearest supermarket and make pakyaw Whatta Tops Krismas Delight holiday boxes naaaaa!!!

*This post is brought to you by Lemon Square Whatta Tops.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Crazy Sale at The Metro Stores! Look at what I found!

Pasko na, mamas! I'm halfway done with my Christmas shopping and I even bought extra new things for me, Vince, and our little boys all because I couldn't pass up on the fantastic deals at Metro Market! Market! last Wednesday. And now I found out that tomorrow, December 2, is the annual storewide Crazy Sale of The Metro Retail Stores!!! All branches!!!

I shopped three days early! Huhuhu

But that's okay. I'm already happy with the goodies I got because even then, super mura na the prices. I can't imagine what the price tags will be tomorrow! The Crazy Sale will offer  up to 50% off on a wide variety of products! Mura na nga when I went last Wednesday tapos mas malaki pang discounts bukas! I heard that the crazy deals are on appliances, furniture and home improvement, apparel and footwear for men, women and kids, toys and accessories, and even athletics and travel gear!

May 13th month pay na ba kayo, mamas??? Shop na!

Okay, I took a few photos on my shopping trip. I do that when I shop alone kasi pinapakita ko sa husband ko and ask him what he wants me to go back and buy. Here's the goodies I liked:

Serve your holiday guests hot chocolate in these festive mugs! Only P499 for a set of 4!

Christmas villages! I'm sorry I didn't check the price tag kasi may umaaligid na guard. Natakot ako haha These are lovely! They not only light up and play music, they have moving parts, too!

Mamas, if you want a pink tree like mine, here's a 3-foot one that's only P249.75! Baka on sale pa yan bukas!

Kiddie bikes that are sturdy and well designed at just P2,700-P3,500. Hindi pa discounted yan! I think I'll go back tomorrow and buy a bike for Piero!

Toys toys toys! Ang dami-daming toys! These trucks are just P100!

These construction toys are super discounted na last Wednesday. P800 yung malaki, P300 yung maliit (about as big as my hand).

I bought my sons a lot of shirts because super mura pero super ganda! Yung P250 shirts, P199 na lang!!!

I got these. Look at how graphic and bold the shirts are. Designs are embossed, too. The shirts' material is super soft pa. Winner in every way!

Want bigger deals? These piles of shirts are just P99 each! Grabe!

Grabe rin yung shoes for the kiddies. P700 na nga lang yung iba, may 30% discount pa!

Aren't these pretty??? Plastic lang yan but they made me happy. And P200 lang ang set!!!

Traveling? How about getting new suitcases? These are light and easy to transport. I'm lusting after those pink ones.

I didn't go around the men's section much kasi my husband just needs running shorts and shirts. So super happy ako when I saw that these were 20% off. Athletic wear is expensive, you see, because they're made of different material. Hindi pwedeng ordinary t-shirt and shorts lang. So I snapped up three pairs of running shorts, three running shorts, and a pair swimming shorts for Vince!

Mamas, syempre I looked for deals for myself, too. The bags are crazy affordable! Either 50% off or buy-one-take-one!

Yung mga clothes when I went last Wednesday, hindi pa sila on sale but mura na rin I bought myself a soft T-shirt dress and two tops. Look at the dressing room at Metro Market! Market! Soooo large and roomy and pretty!

I also bought Christmas decor. These beautiful balls are just P224!

There's going to be a LOT of crazy discounts at Metro's Crazy Sale! Best of all, it's not just the Department Store that goes on sale, but The Metro Supermarket, too! You'll find the lowest prices for food and other grocery essentials.

Store hours will start at 7 am and will last until 12 midnight! Such looooong hours for shopping! Spend the whole day na there!