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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I love handmade stuff

That's the reason I'm so in love with our bespoke leather satchels (buy your own!). Each bag is cut, tanned, tooled and sewn painstakingly by hand. Each bag is different and yet each bag is perfect in its own way. Much like how each of us are different and perfect, too! Gotta love handmade!

You know what else is handmade?

My son's birthday party invitations! Vito's turning one year old! Oh my goodness. Where did the time go? For more on those adorable invites I handmade all by myself, click here!


  1. Frances, parang nice yung natural leather na bag =) hmmm... after ko ng shopping ban, i will text you again! hahaha!

    Nice naman your DIY invitations =) ang kyoot!

  2. You did an amazing job with those invites! I can already imagine a lovely first birthday party for Vito.

    PS. I want the satchels in all colors! :)

  3. Frances, my friend Neva has been singing your bag's praises. What color is the light-colored satchel in the middle? It looks gold-ish. And the closure straps in front - are those real buckles or do you use magnets?

  4. Hi Ms Frances. Are the 14" satchels already available for orders? :) Thanks!

  5. Totoro! I didn't know you were a fan, Frances. :) These invites warm my heart. Happy birthday to Vito!

  6. Anna, it's natural/untanned cow hide =)

  7. Ethel, yep, they are ready to be made!

  8. Thanks everybody! I enjoyed making those invitations =)


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