Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our Bali trip: Getting there

A month ago today, I was packing for our first trip abroad as a family. We went to Bali, Indonesia, for the wedding of one of Vince's best friends, Jukka.

This is us at the airport on a really rainy, very early morning. Vince and I are sleepy but excited. Vito is excited. Period!

Vito just learned to walk so, while Vince filled out immigration forms, Vito wandered about. He was just amazed at the huge space. He just had to explore it!

Hi Vito! Hi Vince! I love those two boys to bits! They wore matching shirts. So cute and preppy!

Vito and the smile that can melt any heart. Such a cutie pie!

His first international flight! So excited! We didn't have a problem at all. Was really scared he'd be one of those babies that cry and cry on the plane. Thank goodness he was just happy all the time!

This is us in Singapore. It's Vito's first bus ride, too. Later on, when we took the train from one terminal to another, Vito had his first train ride, too. Many firsts!

Still at Singapore. You can tell that someone's pretty pumped. Just lookit that silly face! Meanwhile, my arms were dying at this point!

By the way, my son's kind of a little flirt. Every time he sees pretty girls, he unleashes his charm. And it's pretty lethal, his charm. I let him loose on the plane aisle. Seemed like an okay thing to do since I could hear oohs and aahs and gurgles of adoration. When he came back to us, however, Vito seemed upset about something. Someone stole a kiss!

At Bali finally! Where the flowers grow in thick clusters...

Where the clime is hot and makes everyone, like this fat dog, lazy...

And this cute baby, too! Look at his wrinkly-nose yawn (he got that from his father). Must be the fresh air. Vito ain't used to it. I like that I didn't have to put on makeup and brush my hair. Such freedom from the city!

There's the little punk, ready for his swim! That's his porn star trunks. I love his porn star trunks!

Our villa was swarming with mosquitoes so we all slept under dreamy nets that kinda didn't work since Vito still woke up with red dots all over him. I was so freaked out! Vito's first mosquito bites! Even though I slathered him with insect repellent, those pesky bugs still got to him.

One more thing that freaked me out? The many many many statues of their gods. Devil worship! Sorry, that's the Born Again in me talking. Vince kept rolling his eyes at me and laughing at my Born-Again-ness. Well, even if I weren't Born Again, they are pretty scary. Look at Vito. I rest my case!

Next post: The romantic sunset wedding!


  1. I don't think I often see traveling toddlers in such a good mood! :P Vito's adorable!

  2. awwwww!
    the vito pics are just soooooooo adorable!
    love the waving pic, smiling pic (so cute!), gigil pic & the just-kissed pic!
    it's now official, i'm a vito fan!

    it looks like you really had a great time in bali!
    will be waiting for the next post

    how can i forget the swimming trunks pic?!

  3. Vito's growing up so fast! Sorry about those persistent Balinese mosquitoes... lahat ata ng mommies nag ffreak out pag nakakagat ng lamok ang babies nila.

    Btw, you look great and fresh, Ate France :) must be enjoying mommy- and wifeyhood :D

  4. Oh Vito! I could just kiss you too right now. Definitely one of the most adorable babies around (aside from my own baby boy hehe). Vito just reminds me so much of my own son. Both of them are always in a good mood! (Lucky us.)

    PS: Where did you get the porn star trunks? Me want to get one too for my Eliboy? Thanks in advance Frances. =)

  5. your baby is so cute :) and you guys seem to have a relaxed weekend despite bring toddler for the first time. :)

  6. Hi Vito! Why are you so kyoooot? :)) Aww, Ms. Frances, your baby is such a charmer :))

  7. Vito has a whole collection of various facial expressions & smiles... All adorable... =)

  8. cutie vito! he sure made your first family trip an easy and memorable one :)

  9. Vito's smile will melt a lot of hearts. Such a happy kid. :)

  10. Vito is just too adorable! That smile! And his silly face in the picture in Singapore!! Adorable!

    And I am so glad for you and Vito (and I guess for your fellow passengers as well) that he wasn't one of those babies that cry on a flight. I feel so conflicted about that when it happens. I feel so bad for the baby and the parents, but kinda annoyed too that I can't sleep.

  11. your son is adorable! i just had my first grandson and i feel so awesome. maybe your mom and i can exchange notes as doting grandmas. haha

  12. Vito is so adorable! I hope my little one will not cry when we ride the plane next week. Im really crossing my the way, how long is the plane ride from Manila to Bali? Thanks

  13. Earthgirl, I got the porn star trunks from Rustan's kiddie section. They are hilarious and stylish at the same time =)

  14. Dontaskmetosmile, before I had a kid, I always shot murderous looks at parents with crying kids. Yes, I was so judgmental!!! Thank goodness, hindi ako na-karma.

  15. Leng, congratulations on your new apo! My mama didn't get to dote on Vito, though. She passed away in 2008.

  16. Cherry, there's no direct flight so MLA-SG is 3 hours plus 2 hours in Changi then SG-Bali is 2 hours. BUT we left our house at 7am and arrived at our villa at 9:30pm. So that's 14.5 hours. Poor Vito =(

  17. Thanks everybody! We feel the love! I'll make sure Vito gets your hugs and kisses =)


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