Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy bespoke leather satchel owner: Michelle

I love how Michelle of My Mom-Friday absolutely loves her new bag!
She Tweeted it as soon as she got it!
And used it every day, everywhere!
Here's her review summary:
1. Twin magnetic snap closures make opening the bag easy to open and yet still secure.
I really love that this was my idea haha!
2. Craftsmanship and materials are Grade-A!
Thanks to Malabon cows and Batangas talent!
3. Small bag still looks great on a tall girl!
This bag looks great on anyone!
4. But the small bag still fits a LOT of stuff.
Hooray for the pliant leather!

Thanks, Michelle, for loving the bag and for using it so often!


  1. Weeee....thanks for sharing this Frances! I do get a lot of compliments and queries when I tote the bag -- would you believe even a yaya in the kid's preschool talked to me just to say my bag is "maganda" and asked me where I bought and how much it is, hehehe...

    I already posted our photo on FB during the H.O.O. dinner last week! :)

    More success to you!


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