Sunday, August 07, 2011

Happy bespoke leather satchel owner: Joanne

This is Joanne of Dear Blog.

And she's wearing all my favorite things: orange, skinny jeans and my very own bespoke leather satchel!

Her review summary:
1. She was surprised to find that the satchel was gorgeous!
2. She loves that the bag has many compartments.
I do, too! I'm such a pocketsy person.
3. It may be a small bag but it can fit a LOT of stuff.
Leather is soft and pliable and did we mention the many pocketses?
4. The leather smell is heavenly.
Mmm. Right now, my living room smells like leather!

Thanks, Joanne! I love that you love it. Love your orange top, too. Where'd you get it?


  1. this satchel is indeed very lovely. i can smell the leather from here :) lol.. only if budget permits i might have grab one for myself.

  2. I can't wait to buy my own satchel (need to save up), but I think I want 14".

  3. Thanks Frances. The satchel has a simple design but it has an air of elegance to it. Totally unexpected ;)

    Top is mango

  4. ei, musta na? been a long time! just sent this link to my sis in law - lol. so that they can preorder their christmas gift for me! i've been searching for an affordable leather bag for a few months now, been in love with a tod's old design and another one that i found recently in dubai but i'm not willing to "invest" in their price tag. ;) lovely stuff! wish though that the handle can be that of a regular handbag (yes, yes, it's a satchel ;) )? any new designs coming up soon?

  5. Ria!!! There are designs lined up but our leather craftsman works really sloooow. So hindi namin ma-accommodate ang bagong designs pa =(


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