Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Little dancing twin boys are so cute!

I dunno where I was when 5-year-old twins Jeremy and Justin Garcia trended but thanks to OK!'s associate fashion editor, Kabbie Rodriguez, who told me about the Heya Wii twins, I am now hooked!

I don't know which is which but the kid on the right is obviously the dancer while his brother is the singer. Here's the other proof: Covering Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never," little boy at left really likes to sing but boy to the right dances from the heart!

They're so funny! They can really dance! And they have an understanding of improv. This vid of Bruno Mars's "The Lazy Song" is hilarious:

The best part! They're Pinoys!!!

I think Justin's the singer then!

How I wish now that I had twins! It's only hard at the start! But look at how adorable they are, and I wish Vito had someone like that in his life. Well, he'll just have to grow up and find him some friends!

UPDATED: Oh, now I know where I was when Jeremy and Justin went viral--I was in Bali where there was no Internet! They came out on Huffington Post on July 23 (click!), then on the UK's The Sun on July 26 (click!), Perez Hilton and NYmag.com wrote about them on July 31 (click! click!), and they've been everywhere since!


  1. This was on yahoo! news too. Once clearly the singer and the other is the dancer :P They're too cute.

  2. hi frances. thanks for blogging about this. been looking for this on youtube, i didn't know their names then so it was hard finding them, i didn't actually... until you blogged about them. ^_^ they are really so cute. and oh, i'm a fan of your blog. ^_^

  3. normally i don't watch anything that goes viral. but when i tried watching just one vid (parang, sige na nga! hehe), well, i could not stop at watching just one--had to watch the rest of them. yes, i am now officially hooked by these superduperultramega cutie little boys!

  4. Thanks, Lanie!!!!

    Rae and Carlotta, you're welcome =)


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