Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just got back... and already we need a break!

London is a very busy city. So many things to do, so many things to see, so many things to visit, and nothing very good to eat!

(To be fair, despite its notoriety for bad food, British food wasn't really that bad; in fact, it was quite okay but since I come from a country rich in spices and dishes exploding with flavor, everything I ate there tasted bland. It made me very sad, I wept.)

So Vince and I are utterly exhausted. For one thing, though we went there in the summer, it was bitterly terribly cold. The cold seeped in and settled on our bones and muscles, making us stiff and cramped. To make matters worse, London is a walking city. We walked and walked and walked with our already sore and cold muscles. I don't think we ever walked and climbed stairs and ran to catch trains that much in our life ever! On the good side, my butt and legs now look great! On the bad side, we are so very tired.

Lost in the Underground. Well, not really. The tube can be confusing at first but within two days,
we knew our way around!

So Vince declared, "I need a real vacation! I'll make you a beach lover yet. We'll go to Boracay and do nothing but eat and swim and lie in the sun. Now that's a vacation!"

So I'll lie low for a while. Recover from jet lag, recover from it all. And, to be honest, I need to focus on work since I was gone so long!

Though I sound whiny, we did have tons of fun. Tons! London is very very exciting. We did all the tourist stuff, oh we're so corny! Museums, parks, bus tours, monuments--we practically visited every famous spot in London. But we enjoyed them all!

I'll post my stories on the London holiday as soon as I feel like myself again. There's lots to tell!


  1. Oh wow! I am dying to hear/read about your honeymoon!

    I still haven't decided yet where to head for ours but I am hoping to afford a European destination.

    Thank heavens my sister got accepted in Emirates as cabin crew -- that's 50%off my flight fee! tehehe

  2. Hi Frances! Nice to hear that you're back. Sure we'll be waiting for your London sojourn stories.

  3. Welcome back Ms Frances! Btw, great July ish! :D

  4. Omigosh, Monica! 50% off the blasted plane fare is HUGE! London is great for families. There are tons of families around, lotsa babies grabe. While I hear that the rest of the European Union is lovely, nakaka-stress daw na iba ang language, and people daw aren't very nice to tourists. Nyek, diba? But we plan to do Paris and Cote d'Azur next anyway!

    Hiya glaiza and twisted! Thanks for the warm welcome! And thanks for saying the July ish is great =D I love it, too!

  5. Cote d'Azur, ahh.... Oui!

    Mahal na mahal ko ang London...

  6. Hey! When I was in London, I thought the food was excellent, actually. Even at KFC where I got yelled at! But seriously, everywhere I ate, the food was actually quite good. Maybe it helped that I went to lots of asian-inspired restaurants.

    One thing I noticed though was everything at the supermarket was indeed bland!!

    You yourself must've shaken up the taste buds of the local men, spicy lady that you are. Hee hee! Welcome back.

  7. Neighbor, yes, I do plan on going to France still but with all this global warming happening, I really got guilty with my huge carbon footprint from going to London.

    I get assured by friends that I balance it out naman by walking to work, using public transport, and shopping with canvas bags (most of the time). I really really try to care for the environment. It's hard! Lalo na now since I like traveling with Vince pala. Sigh!

    Hiya Ianne! The food was actually good, not as bad as everyone warned me about. The baked goods--muffins, croissants, et al--were AMAZING. But after a week, talagang hinahanap-hanap ko na ang tinolang manok, bagoong, sinigang na baboy, liempo, lumpia... I really cried as I was munching on a cheese pizza! Vince got really worried. Poor thing!

  8. Hi! I didn't stay long in London to judge its food options. I ate whatever is convenient. Buti na lang, my husband is good at carrying heavy water bottles.

    Food seem to be expensive in Europe. Spain has cheap food options. We survived on tapas and wine. On Greece, we survived on Gyros. Italy is pizza and pasta. etc.etc.

    I love the travel observations. It sounded sincere at hindi pretentious. Look forward for you to travel more to exotic places - hope they have better food options. :P

  9. Hi Corner Turn! Thanks for saying that! Actually, I may have been too sincere about my travel musings--I got a number of emails from people saying, "London is much better than stinking Manila, you idiot!" Gee, no need to get so abusive, eh?

    But I was just passing through so I had the fresh eyes and nose (Londoners are amoy kili-kili and curry. They fart in the trains, too. Whew! Must be all the beans they eat.) of a tourist. But aside from the smell, I love love love the museums, the history, and the theater!

    The food is another story but maybe I will love it one day. It took me five years to enjoy sashimi and now I am passionate about it!


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