Wednesday, June 04, 2008

And the winner is...

KV Caidic from Paranaque City!

KV won my silly little contest that asked readers to guess where Vince and I are headed for our much anticipated but always delayed honeymoon. We're going to the magnificent city of London, people! And we're leaving next week! Hooray!

The entries are published in the comments section of that post. However, I didn't publish the wrong answers. Most of the answers were correct; after all, with the tons of clues I gave, it wasn't really very hard to guess, right? But KV was the very first one to give the correct answer so applause applause!

Congratulations, KV! You get your very own bottle of Burberry The Beat. Reply to my email asap so I can send you your prize asap!

To the rest of you, thanks for joining and keep checking this blog for more contests. I plan to give away freebies every month!

P.S. Get to know KV and check out her blog here.


  1. Hehe, thanks Frances! Will let you know as soon as I get the prize :D

  2. Hi Ate Frances. So, pangatlo lang pala ako sa may tamang sagot. But thanks for the gift narin. =) Hindi ko pa nakuha eh, I'll let you know pag nasa akin na. Enjoy your honeymoon. Will look forward for your photos when you get back. Haha!

  3. KV, send ko sa iyo on Monday na. I forgot the bottle at home when I went to work yesterday. Sabog na naman ako as usual...

    Chie, I'm not a very good picture-taker (neither is Vince). I mean, we take good pictures when we remember to use the camera! We're so unlike the people today, yung nakadikit lagi yung digicam, phone cam. So a lot of beautiful moments and landscapes have passed and wala kaming documentation! But, for this trip, yes we will try to remember to take pics!

  4. Ei Frances, you just gave me a very good idea to promote my site! Haha, so slow... didn't even think of holding a contest.

  5. ya! i actually just wanted to empty out my closets of the giveaways i get from the job. i got really surprised at the response... and the wrong answers!!!

    it was fun though. will definitely do this every month. then sa pasko, every week. or maybe every day! we'll see!

  6. Hey Frances, got the perfume yesterday! Thanks :D Will definitely watch out for future contests in your blog :P

  7. Hi Ate Frances. I got the perfume na! Yesterday lang. Thanks again. Muah! =)

  8. KV, Chie, you're both very welcome! =)


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