Monday, September 08, 2008

Britney's sooo back!

Please watch the first few minutes of the video in this MTV VMAs link.

When she walked to the stage to her tune, "Baby, One More Time," my eyes all but fell out crying. My baby's baaaaack! And in a big way, too. Britney won Best Female Video, Best Pop Video, and the biggest award of all--Video of the Year!

Just proves to all and sundry that everyone deserves a second chance and we can all rise from the deepest darkest pits of hell. Welcome back, Britney!

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  1. Why I never thought you're a BIG Britney fan, Frances Jules Amper-Sales :-) ... I have this theory that she planned everything right from the beginning. :-) What an awesome spin, right? kung totoo man. hehe.

  2. Ya! Fan talaga =) Also, what if planado nga, no??? Me naman, sa tingin ko Britney just wanted to go wild for a couple of years. She's been working her ass off since she was 9. Give her a break, diba?

    The problem is she was doing that in front of all the cameras kaya na-magnify, pati yung breakdown niya. Buti nga siya nagwala siya ng two years lang. Ako nga... hehe. Andun ka pa nung dala-dala ko yung mga maleta ko at... Wag na! Private na yun. Tapos na yun =D

    Thing is, we all grow up. Let's hope Britney's finally done with all the craziness. She has kids now.

  3. I totally thought of you when I saw britney. :)

  4. Hello siren! Haha, I don't know if I ought to be embarrassed by that!


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