Tuesday, September 23, 2008

All wigged out!

Just came home from a L'Oreal Professionnel party. It was sooo fun! The invitation said to come in your best spy outfit but I totally forgot and wore my sack dress instead. So everyone looked amazing in black sexy slithery things while I looked like a sack!

Anyhow, the party was to introduce the Autumn/Winter hair colors—mysterious looks mostly (hence the espionage theme)—and L'Oreal got the best hairstylists in Manila and Cebu to create wigs for the guests! And that was when things got interesting. Here I am getting prepped for the photo shoot:
That's Angelo Falconi III putting on my wig.

This is Francis Lee from Bridges Salon in Cebu City.

Ro-An is from Yes! magazine and we are
trying hard—but failed!—to keep straight faces.

And here are the results!

In the deep red-and-light brown super layered cut.
UPDATE in 2017: Pardon the suicidal gesture. I did the poses at a time when I thought being morbid was cool.  

In the black-and-blue bob, styled by Jasmine Lisbona of Hairworks Makati.

In the copper-and-gold ash blond skull crop.

Which ones do you like? I'm totally digging the blond crop but when I showed the hubby my pic, he went in absolute shock: "Yikes! No! Please no!" Harhar. He knows I've been dying to cut my hair forever. I don't like long hair on me at all!

Outfit details: Ruth & Esther dress, Nine West beige pumps,
pink enamel earrings from NYC, bronze watch from Wristaker

Oh, the dress is called my sack dress because it is the color of potato sacks and feels like one, too. I just wear a slip underneath so I don't feel scratchy. I bought it because... well, ever heard of that saying, "She's so gorgeous she can wear a sack and still look great"? Well, darlings, this sack literally makes me feel that way!


  1. Oh a dress-like-a-spy type of party! I love spy-style, sorry you missed the memo on it though. Looks like it was fun, all those wigs, and such, and I say, cut your hair short if you really like! I'm sure your husband can adjust to it, and after all, it is YOUR hair! :P


  2. I love the short blonde style, I think it suits you really well! The black bob looks sensational too!

    PS. I'm seeing Supergrass in Sydney so I booked the hotel there because I'm from Melbourne :D

  3. I didn't recognize you on that second pic (with the cigar). and bagay sayo short hair..sana maconvince mo si hubby to have your hair cut that way.

  4. I love the short blonde look! Amazing.

  5. Miss K and WendyB, I love the short blond pixie cut but everyone here says it looks horrible! That's what happens when you live in a country with non-adventurous men and women who think the only hairstyle a woman should have is long, black, straight hair. Sigh.

    But, yes, Cris and Susanna-C, I'll cut my hair anyway! Maybe not that short... but I'm saying g'bye to long locks soon!

  6. Hi Frances!

    This is Erick A. Fabian Sr., friend of Tedz and Migz.


    You're looking slickster! :)

  7. LOVE the bob. Reminds me of Anna Wintour. haha. You can totally rock the Sharon Stone crop too! I think everyone should be treated to a day of wigs and fake guns. :P

  8. Gaaah, I didn't recognize you in that black short bob! I wondered pa if someone was wearing the same-color blouse! :D I'd like to cut my hair short din and have bangs, kaso it's so curly and unruly right now :(

  9. Hello Erick, I can't say I remember you! I have the most terrible memory but thanks for dropping by. On another note, I do hope people will call my brothers their real names. Those nicknames sound so jologz!

    I tried adding your blog to my blogroll but it isn't appearing...

  10. geeuh... what do you mean it reminds you of Anna Wintour? I'm no devil to you, right? I'd like to report however that I do have a Prada dress now in my closet!

    Hallooo, twisted! Curly is great =) It's adorable. I have an aversion to super straight hair actually!

  11. how fun. love the bob, i just cut my long long hair of 4 years to a short bob.

  12. ooh spies! espionage.. I love it.


    Oddly enough, it took me a while to realize that that was you in all 3 photos. Very spy-like indeed.


    Pardon my intrusion to your blogsies.. lol.


  13. I like the bob do! I think it's cute.

    BTW, I'm Anna, a follower of your blog entries about fashion.


  14. blonde bob becomes you

  15. "On another note, I do hope people will call my brothers their real names. Those nicknames sound so jologz!"

    Hahaha.You should ask those two bros of yours why they introduced themselves as Migs and Tedz back in college in the first place. :)

    On my part, we all used to call them that in SVCF, and I just can't seem to drop it after 12 years.

    Your brothers still address me as 'Erick The Man!' 'Erick the guitarist' (I play other instruments too) or other such nonsense, so I guess we're just even. :)

  16. I agree, I like you best in the short blond. And the sack dress goes very well with the blond hair. Go for it girl. Life is too short not to indulge yourself. It's not like you're posting nude or wearing spiky hot pink hair.



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