Friday, September 19, 2008

Shoes, shoes, my world is shoes!

Okay, that last post was way too serious but something we must all take very seriously. I've already gotten the list of congressmen who authored/sponsored that Anti-Obscenity and Pornography Bill and I will post their names and photos soon! Do NOT vote for these Pharisees!

Now, back to regular programming...

As you know, I love to shop online. I just found this fabulous shop called Urban Original. O. M. G. That site is, for me, pornography. I just got so turned on by all the yummy shoes, I nearly fainted with pleasure. There are so many fabulous shoes and they're so cheap, too! I had too many moments where I had to stop and blink hard because I was getting dizzy with desire.

So anyway, I've picked out the ones I really want. I'm going through a prim-and-proper shoe phase. These days I kinda like my feet covered up. Must be because of all the Fall fashion in the magazines... or the fact that it's rainy season here and I walk to work now so I hate getting my feet wet! Anyway, these are my finalist babies. Help me choose!
Camel Open Toe Strappy Gladiator Sandal, $18.99
Well, it's in so we might as well own a pair.

Brown Patent Pointy-Toe Oxford Lace Tie-Up, $13.99
Sooo sexy. The tie-up detail and the super elongated toe
remind me of corsets and 19th century primness.

Beige Spectator Two-Tone Oxford Lace Pump, $18.99
Another breathtaking beauty. Again, I love the lace-up factor.
In fact, I love everything about it!

Gray Pointy-Toe Oxford Buckle Stiletto Ankle Boot, $19.99
Is that frikkin' fantastic or what! It's very dominatrix, eh? So hot.

Black Patent Round-Toe Oxford Stiletto Ankle Boot, $20.99
Looks like something from the future. I love how it's super sleek.

So! Which ones? All?!? That would only cost me USD 93, plus shipping (yes, they ship to Manila!) so only about USD 130 (PHP 6K++) so the shoes come out as only PHP 1,200 each pair!!! Why, I do believe I'll take them all. What do you think???

P.S. I kinda also like the multi-color multi-strap crocodile heels. They're funky, although I just know my husband will think them horrendous. Should I include those, too?

*all images from Urban Original website. Please shop at their store!

UPDATE: The hubby thinks I need to replace my two phones because they're 3 and 4 years old. Yeah, my Sony Ericssons look really beat up but they still work perfectly and don't give me any trouble at all! Hmm, for the same amount: 5 pairs of shoes or 1 new phone? Man, I don't even know why there's a debate! Still, in a marriage, the budget's not mine and mine alone anymore. So, dear shoes, another time!


  1. i choose the Beige Spectator Two-Tone Oxford Lace Pumps simply because they're classy and something Charlotte York would wear. My #2 would be the Camel Open Toe Strappy Gladiator Sandal for its versatility. Sorry I'm not making things easier for you. Maybe you should buy all of them. They're not expensive naman eh. :)

  2. Hmmm, you're right, Tani: BUY THEM ALL!

    Then again, my math is wrong. The total is $180. Still, that's about P1,600 a pair so very cheap still! If I take out the gladiators (which won't keep my feet dry anyway), I'll keep the cost down, too.

    Will consult the husband...

  3. Love the shoes! I used to buy from Urbanog too, but the taxes when they get here blew me away. I thought they will be delivered to my door but I had to go get them from the post office and the experience was quite a nightmare. Last time I paid more than 50% the price of the shoes plus shipping (yes, they include the shipping costs in the computation). eek. So if your total bill is $180, you can expect to pay around $100 in customs taxes. Just a heads-up!

  4. the two-toned oxfords! i love the whole prep-school classy feel of it! thought i can't wear heels to work, that pair makes me drool! :)

  5. Hi anonymous! Yikes, grabe na talaga ang corruption sa atin, no? Must they really open our packages??? Actually, what I do is have them sent to a friend in the US and then she sends them to me in a balikbayan box. So I get them FedExed straight to my doorstep.

  6. Lally! Why can't you wear heels to work??? Last I checked, you weren't a diving instructor...

  7. HOOOMAGAD?! IS THIS FOR REAL? i cant believe the price! I wonder if its comfortable? The Mizrahi shoes at Target are more expensive than these!

    Go buy them ALL. tee hee

  8. Hi Siren! I never think about comfort! But I hope Anonymous girl can visit this post again and enlighten us if her Urbanog shoes were comfy =D

  9. mygawd, i love them all too! hahaha. of course, all of us would say to get them all because that's just how we are. hahaha.

    but i am more biased to the camel open toe gladiator. then yung brown pointy one. you can get just two shoes then perhaps buy one new cellphone? :)

  10. i loove the two Oxfords, surely they'll protect your feet on this rainy season. try to get the multi-colored straps too heehe love them, it's young and hip.. and the gladiator they're in!

    can't believe they're so cheap! anonymous was right, my advice check out some forums or reviews about the Urban Original first before purchasing.

  11. My choice is definately the Gray Pointy-Toe Oxford Buckle Stiletto Ankle Boot! They're gorgeous, I would definately buy them for myself! <33 And thankyou for your lovely words on my blog!

  12. The first pair of shoes you posted (as your finalists) are my favorite! :)

    Thanks for your comment, it was so lovely to read! And aw, thanks, I will add you to my blog roll as well! :)


  13. The multi-colored one are probably my favorites, actually! :)

  14. Hi Kaith! Ya, maybe a compromise of half the shoes and one new phone will keep both hubby and me happy. Although I really don't need a new phone since mine still work! They're just old.

    Jarminator, yes, the oxfords are to die for! And yes, must check out how Ubanog's international shipping really is like.

    Belowen, Susanna and Annie, thanks for dropping by! You have the loveliest most enchanting blogs. It was a delight to read them!

  15. Hello again, I answered your comment over at my blog--I really hope that works for you! let me know if it's not clear. Also, have you thought about re-dying the dress?

  16. I love the spectator pumps but gosh if they're that cheap I'd get them all! :D

    PS. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! :D

  17. Thank you sweetie, for the comment on my blog.
    I'm super tired right now, but will check your site out properly later x

  18. Aw, thank you so much for your sweet comment! I'm flattered you like them! :) And oh you're in the magazine business? That's so cool! What do you do in the mag industry? :)


  19. Annie: I just discovered I have no bleach! Will try your trick this weekend and hopefully, my ruined dress will turn out as fab as your cool shirt!

    Miss K and DC: Your blogs are some of the coolest things I've seen. So thanks for dropping by!

    Susanna-C: Yes, that mini-mag you did was amazing! I'm the editor of OK! Philippines, the sister edition of OK! in your turf =D

  20. I say 5 pairs of shoes if your phone is still working fine. :) Those shoes are cheap!


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