Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Shopaholic Confession

Hi, my name is Frances and I'm a shopaholic!

Regular readers of this blog know how much I love to shop. Now before you all write me off as someone who gets into debt for the love of shopping, let me say that I'm quite responsible with my purchases. I never spend money I don't have! And what extra money I do have goes to recently bought goodies like these:
a green and gold dress from Zara

a fabulous PS3 game for my hubby's birthday this weekend

a floral cocktail ring from Aldo

a pair of adorable ballet flats smothered in black sequins
from Landmark

and our necessary monthly diet of books!!!

I'm also about to get some seriously chunky platforms from Charles & Keith soon because I want to tower over everyone again. I went through a flats phase last year because I thought ballet flats were comfy and cute. Well, I've changed my mind. I want to be powerful and fashionable again.

In defense of those who are retail hobbyists, did you know that, aside from 4-inch heels, shopping makes me feel powerful? While other people feel power when they lead or abuse others, my feelings of power just involve handing over a wad of cash to the cashier girl and then walking around with these wonderful shopping bags filled with the most wonderful things on the planet. Quite harmless, I say!

It was around three years ago, when I started earning real money, that was when I started enjoying shopping. I remember this one time that I passed by a porcelain shop (yes, dishes!) and saw these elegant cream plates edged in 18-carat gold and covered in white lace filigree detailing. I thought, "Those are truly beautiful. I wish I ate off dishes like that..." Then I looked at the price tag. Then I asked the salesperson how many pieces were in the set. He said 24 pieces of the exquisite dinnerware. Then I looked in my wallet. Then the glorious realization: "OMG, I can actually afford the plates. I can eat from those plates every day of my now fantastic life!!!"

My beautiful dinnerware makes me feel like a princess each time I eat!

Purchasing power. There's nothing like it. And I hope you, my fellow bloggers, agree! If you do, then you must check out OK! magazine's February issue. May I direct your attention to the yellow part of the cover? I'm very very proud of that part because that's our Confessions of a Shopaholic movie special! The entire OK! staff had so much fun putting together that section. Joanna got a great interview from the show's star, Isla Fisher. She also got the movie's stylist (and stylist to Sex and The City) Patricia Field to cough up these fantastic style-on-a-budget tips. I supplemented the story with a sidebar on "Shopaholic Essentials" like comfy heels (we like Cole Haan's Air platform heels--serious style and serious Nike Air technology!). And because we love Shopaholic's Rebecca Bloomwood, Elaine added a fun story on our favorite silly ditzes: Legally Blonde's Elle Woods, for example.

Can you tell we're so excited about the movie??? Anything that involves shopping is good news to me. After all, there's nothing like retail therapy. Really. There have been times I've felt so bad, I almost didn't want to wake up. But a trip to the mall or an hour on eBay after, and I'm ready to face life again... in stylish new duds, of course! I know it sounds absolutely shallow but whoever said money can't buy happiness clearly did not have much of it! Viva la shopping!

Catch Confessions of a Shopaholic in cinemas on February 18, 2009!


  1. That dress is divine! I can't approve of a non-WendyB ring though :-)

  2. Oh! Envy, envy! :p

    I can't believe Joanna got to meet and interview Isla Fisher and Patricia Field!!

    That movie, by the way, was partly shot at the Hearst Tower. They put decoy store signages in the empty retail spaces downstairs, and for a while parts of the lobby were cordoned off :) That was about a year ago and now the movie is out and I'm getting all senti haha...

  3. Good for you that you are a responsible shopper. As for me< I have fallen into that trap twice. Visit my blog.

    Anyway, I still shop but in a very responsible way. It's my stress buster.

    Good luck to all of us!

  4. i love your new floral cocktail ring. it's so cute and dramatic.

  5. Amazing buys! I love love love the dress.

  6. WendyB! It's my dream to own a piece of your collection. I will! One day...

    Mariel, it was super nice to see you today! Manila is a much happier place with you around. I wish you didn't have to go back to the US.

    Sassy Mom, as long as we shop responsibly, then we're truly sassy!

    Savvy Mode, the ring comes in blood red, too. But that was TOO DRAMATIC.

    DC! I love love love your chair!

  7. Hi, congrats! You're one of the winners! :D

  8. hope you win!!

    certified shopaholic!!

  9. Congratulations!

    It's so hard for me to just look and not buy, but I'm contenting myself with that nowadays...


  10. Congratulations for winning! :)

  11. Congratulations, Frances! Enjoy your bag!

    Too bad I was too shy to say more than hi...


  12. Hi Frances!

    so you're the winner of that GUCCI bag! congrats =)

    mike blog-hopping from Nuffnang =)

  13. Hi Frances, congratulations for winning the Gucci bag, yay!

    Hope to see you again at Nuffnang events =)


  14. Hi Frances!

    Congratulations, i read from earthlinggorgeous' blog that you won!

    So lucky!!! :)

  15. congrats again!

    pics are now uploaded here


  16. To my new Nuffnang friends, it was so nice to meet you all last night =D

    Thank you for the congrats! I don't have the bag yet (nyak!) so hindi pa ako maka-celebrate hehe.

    I hope to see you soon, and I hope you enjoyed the OK! magazine copies I brought. I'll try to bring more next time!

  17. hi congrats for the gucci bag! you are so chica! i couldn't stop looking at ur cocktail ring that night. haha. thanks for the mag as well.

  18. Toxic, you're even more chica than me! Your blog, grabe, you are so stylish! The ring is from Aldo. There's a blood red one, too, but I had to get the white one kasi walang size ko sa red!

  19. hello frances! prettyness ang lola! congrats, we're sooo jealous....but you soo deserve the gucci! nice to meet you all and thanks for the OK mag too

    mwah and see yah around

  20. Congratulations on winning for this post! I love the dress and the dinnerware!

  21. Chuvaness, hope you liked OK! magazine =)

    Fedhz, yes, the dress is super pretty and the dinnerware makes me feel like royalty. I love nice things =)


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