Thursday, February 12, 2009

Money, money, money!

Most of you know I love to shop. You may also know that I don't get into debt with my shopping habits. How did I get this way? Because I try to earn money every chance I get! My job as a magazine editor pays me more than enough to cover all the household expenses and savings and insurance plans. But for my wants, I turn to my business enterprises.

I contribute to other magazines but the checks from published works here in the Philippines trickle in so that doesn't pay much. This blog earns me money regularly. And then there's my online businesses. Do visit my Organic Finds store since I'm having a huge sale--all the prices are now 50% off!

Selling stuff online has bought some of our major furniture, tons of gifts, and funded my shopaholic tendencies. It's actually just a hobby but given that I earn quite a bit from this hobby, I am looking to expand my repertoire. I'm thinking of buying wholesale clothes and shoes, for instance. How about you--how do you augment your income?


  1. I'd love a post on how to set up an online store .... :)

  2. Hi Fran! You must teach me how to earn money online since i'm online MOST of the time, might as well earn from it. :-) Seriously, teach me as in step-by-step. I'm quite a klutz when it comes to these things. Hehe. Email me. :-) THANK YOU!!!

  3. Bucca and Mrs Palarca, thanks for the suggestion. I'll write a money-making post soonest! =D


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