Friday, February 20, 2009

Shopping for a netbook!

Okay, so my husband--Vince Sales, the editor-in-chief of T3, just the biggest tech magazine in the country!--is exasperated with me. I've been wanting to get myself a laptop for a few months now. It's actually not a need since we already have a computer and if Vince is using the PC, then I can browse on his iPhone. But I really think I need my own computer for my blogging and my work and my online business. Of course, Vince--being a gadget guru--has given me advice time and again and, of course, I never quite listen so he's more than a little annoyed! But here is what we've whittled down:

The MacBook
Since I'm a Mac user (in publishing, all the editors wield a Mac), it makes better sense if I get a MacBook, right? Except that a MacBook starts at PHP56,000 (USD1,175) and I can't bring myself to buy anything over PHP35,000 at this point.

The Sony Vaio C
Then I saw the Sony Vaio C. I really wanted a Sony Vaio C! Why? Because it's pink. Seriously. But at an even heftier price of PHP60,000 (USD1,258), pink is a flimsy excuse.

The MSI Wind for Love
Vince said I don't need a super laptop--I can get those uber popular netbooks. Netbooks are small but perfect for the tasks I do often (writing, editing, surfing). And the best part: they are cheap! He first suggested the super cute MSI Wind for Love. It's only PHP20,000 (USD418) and proceeds from its sale benefit underprivileged kids in Third World countries. Nice.

The MSI Wind
As I was studying the specs though, I figured that I'd be better off with the much adored MSI Wind. No "love" this time. The computer memory is the big difference: the Love has 80GB while the Wind has 160GB. It's around PHP25,000 (USD520) and comes in pink!

The HP Mini
Vince then suggested if I'm going for looks, I should shell out more and get myself an HP Mini Vivienne Tam. This is what Vince highly recommends for me. In fact, he thinks it's perfect for his wife. The HP people don't call it a notebook; they call it a "digital clutch." Of course, it's also USD700 (PHP33,377) .

The Sony Vaio P
The husband also suggested the ultra-chic Sony Vaio P. Surprisingly, I didn't like this one. Vince and I are Sony people--we live in a house filled with so many Sony gadgets, you'd think we get huge discounts from Sony (we don't!). But at the P series launch last month, well, I agree it is ultra-chic but it's so small, I had a hard time with the screen, the keys, the button mouse, the... everything actually. At its steep price of PHP50,000 (USD1,000), please don't give me a hard time! Plus, it doesn't come in pink.

Also, if I had 50 grand lying around doing nothing, then I'm better off with a MacBook. Argh! What do you think I should get? I'm now choosing between the MSI Wind, the Wind for Love and the HP Mini Vivienne Tam. And what computer do you use when you're blogging?


  1. I'm happy with my MacBook Air. I considered a Vaio but Walt Mossberg scared me off.

  2. Hi Fran ako din. I finally had to get a laptop kasi at night when I'm still writing, Joseph can't use our desktop. So i finally have one. And yes I contemplated on most of the laptops that u featured here and I ended up getting the HP Pavilion tx2000. I like it cos it's small enough almost as big and light as a macbook. I decided against getting a mac since I'm not a big mac user. So I had qualms switching. and i want to jump into working right away. If I switch then pag-aaralan ko pa. But yes I've been lusting on a macbook for the longest time. Siguro next time. When it came to the netbooks, I wanted to get them too because they were all so cheap and colorful pa. Hehe like you I like anything pink. But the features were limited. Like it doesn't have a CD drive etc etc... kung surfing and writing lang, it's perfect but i'm quite a heavy pc user so the HP Pavilion was best for me. :-) Have fun shopping! :-)

  3. Hello Ms Frances,

    I'm using an HP Mini, I think it was one of the first which came out in the Philippines. It runs on Vista, okay for typing and surfing the 'net, but I find it a pain for viewing pictures and editing pictures. It's kinda mabagal on that department. But it is portable and fits in small bags! :) I got mine for 30K, although there is an XP version for 21K I think.

    That said, the Vivienne Tam Mini is gorgeous!

  4. because im a mac brat -- i use a macbook pro :P

    what's your online biz?!?!

  5. Hi, Frances! I'd have to agree with Vince. The HP Mini Vivienne Tam is perfect for you :) I myself am using a netbook--the Asus Eee PC1000H :) Just like you, I couldn't really spend more than a certain amount, so I was really looking at netbooks. I was choosing between this and the HP Mini Note :) But I got a good discount for this so I went for it :D

  6. Great blog and I must provide my unsolicited advice.

    If you want something that LOOKS great then Sony Vaio is certainly a great choice.

    If you want a computer that WORKS great then go for the MAC.

    My husbands company just returned over 1500 Vaio's to Sony. Not only are they not well made and the software problems are horrible (VISTA I believe).

    There's my .02. Keep the change. LOL.

  7. there is no other choice .................. MACBOOK or nothing at all!

  8. Loving the hearty netbook! =) But id go for a MAC. Nothing compares.

  9. Hi Frances,

    Of course, I'll say go for the Mac! But for practical reasons, my vote goes to HP Mini, the red color is love, it would be better if it comes with pink no? But do away with MSI, parang they are not reliable and sturdy for me.

    If I have money, I want the HP Mini rin, I'm currently using HP Pavillion dv6000 and it's soooo heavy, I can't bring it anywhere. =(

  10. That HP Mini is to die for! Haha. I love my desktop and my wide flat screen monitor, even when I'm just browsing I can't bring myself to do it on my boyfriend's Toshiba. Even if it meant I could do so while snuggling next to him... I want a netbook too but there's just no justification for getting one,hehe. I'm sure that if you go to a store, the laptop for you will sing to you :)

  11. HP Mini Vivienne Tam is ADORABLE!!! It really suits your personality ;D

  12. Wow!

    Okay, I'll have an update on this post soonest so I can't react just right now. Suffice it to say that the day after this post, there is now a new laptop in our house =D

    WendyB, my hubby has all-new respect for you since you heed Mr. Mossberg.

    Jill, I'm a Mac user and Mac is the easiest ever!

    Twisted, I've heard a lot of bad things about Vista. Try changing to OSX. The HP Mini can support it.

    Dharma, yes, Mac brats forever! I sell organic beauty products (which aren't selling) and other stuff (which are selling!).

    KV and Michico, ya, that Vivienne Tam sure is a beauty! Too bad I can only buy it in HK!

    Christine, nah, I've already decided against the Sony. Too expensive! Wow, that's a lot of returns! Poor Sony. Didn't they already lose billions?

    Rod, I agree =D but you're quite the fan boy, aren't you?

    Kae, I agree on both points!

    Badet, that's funny about you not being able to bring it anywhere!

    Vera, actually I'm also in the same boat--I don't really need it but I sure want it!

  13. The clutch!:)

    It's not on your list (and it's crazy expensive) but I am lovin' the Asus Bamboo one!

  14. Hmm I'm getting obsessed with the MSI Wind... I've read good reviews about it. So did you get your netbook yet? :P


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