Friday, March 06, 2009

Lunch with Mariel

My dearest darling friend, Mariel, is here from a too-long stay in New York. She'll only be here for a month--meeting friends, family and fixing the details for her upcoming wedding to Alvin. Finally!

Anyway, we had lunch at C2 at Shangri-la a few days ago. She was starved for Pinoy food. So was I actually. Been eating unhealthily these past few weeks, just chowing down on burgers and pizzas. Ack!

This is the fruit and seaweed salad. It was interesting. The seaweed was salty and pops in your mouth. The sweet fruits were an excellent foil to the saltiness of the seaweed and the bitterness of the cabbage leaves.

This is Matthew, Mariel's adorable six-year-old brother. He's super jetlagged and tired from all the family reunions but he's valiantly trying to fight it. So cute! It's his first time in the Philippines and finds our food too rich. So he had McNuggets.

This is pan de sal with kesong puti. Is kesong puti goat cheese? Anyway, the cheese is toasted and put in freshly baked crunchy rolls. Yum!

This is pansit Malabon. Pansit is noodles. Malabon is a place. So this is a noodle dish from Malabon, I guess! It's noodles drenched in seafood. So it was kinda really salty. Not really my type of pansit.

Okay, quick post today, dear readers and lurkers alike! Am having a very busy weekend--a wedding, a seminar, an eyelash extension repair, a play, and a dinner! In fact, I do have to run by a tech shop, too, for flash memory drives. Need more storage for all my photos! More updates soonest!


  1. Yum! you should do some cooking posts so I can cook some of these :)

  2. Ooh! Thanks for posting this :) And our "nicer" picture hahaha.

    Can't wait to catch up with you again SOON!

  3. At last! Mariel's going to get married. Cheers and congratulations.

  4. Hi Ate Frances! That fruit and seaweed salad looks yummy! Is grapefruit one of its ingredients? Nagutom ako! =)

  5. i also had lunch at C2 two years ago. :D Try ko nga bumalik dyan. yay!

  6. Oh my, the food looks and sounds gorgeous. Wow.

  7. hi! pics of these foods make me miss Pinoy foods all the more. And yes, I missed that episode on Anthony Bourdain's show. Colleagues of my husband that saw the show were asking him about the Pinoy foods that were featured.

  8. I actually love that seaweed my mom and dad loves it.

  9. Hi! I saw your blog from Nuffnang. :-) What a coincidence! I read Mariel's blog too! And she's getting married? Congratulations!

  10. Oh my, I forgot to reply to all of you!

    Bucca, I used to have a food blog but it suffered because I eat the food before taking photos!

    Mariel, lunch was so much fun =)

    Glaiza and Katherine, I'll make sure to tell Mariel your best wishes =)

    Chie, is suha grapefruit? If yes, then yes!

    Jehzeel, yes, bumalik ka. Masarap pa rin!

    DaisyChain, not only does it look and sound gorgeous, they taste amazing, too!

    Juliana, your hubby is Pinoy?? Are you, too?

    Gorgeous, ya, that salad sure was something!

  11. The food looks so delicious!:)


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