Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All the single ladies, watch this!

When I said I looked to the '80s for hair inspiration, well, Beyonce went a few notches higher and created a whole video inspired by the '60s.

Here she says that her uber popular "Put a Ring on It" vid was inspired by choreographer Gwen Fosse (oops, posted a wrong vid! Here's the real one!):

And here's the incomparable Mrs. Fosse and her backup dancers shakin' their booty:

Wowza! Whoever said white folks can't dance clearly do not know the Lady Fosse! Here's Beyonce and her backup dancers paying homage:

Can you believe the lithe muscles on Beyonce and her girls? They must've been taking some HGH to get that strong! And those moves aren't easy, mind you. I can imagine the endless practice sessions and training. Anyway, here's the Philippines' very own Dancing Queen, Lucy Torres-Gomez!

I will give Lucy a big A for effort. I tried dancing it and looked pathetic so I won't even dare say anything against the lovely Lucy... But please feel free to comment!


  1. The Gwen video made my day. Superb!

  2. Props to Lucy! The steps to the dance are difficult enough. But dancing when you're that tall and got long limbs, and not looking ridiculous? Have to give it to her for at least looking good on stage :)

  3. Ya, I loved the vintage vid!

    KV, Beyonce is taller, with longer limbs and bigger booty. If she did it well... well, di na ako magsasalita!

  4. kudos to lucy ha, this dance is not that easy ha. but have you seen the GayKiddies vaersion?! mygulay, they're a lot better! (pinoy gay kiddos, parang mga walang buto sa lambot ng katawan!)

  5. Nel's bebi, I did see those kiddies! They can give Beyonce a run for her money!!!


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