Friday, March 20, 2009

Dinner with Aida... Dinner with Mariel

Been seeing a lot of my long lost friends lately. Aida, my dearest friend since first year high and who now lives in Antibes, was here all too briefly for her sister's wedding (best wishes, Arlyn!). Though she was here for about three weeks, I saw her only once since she spent all of her time as a tour guide to her French in-laws all over this beautiful country.

We had dinner with a few Manila Science High classmates at Dencio's at Robinsons Manila. Most weren't able to make it because some had family to attend to and some had jobs in health care so they were on duty that night. I can tell Aida was disappointed since she's hardly ever here and she wasn't able to see all her friends so I promised her that I'll go visit her in France! I am hoping to go this year. I've never been to France and that country--reputed to be the most beautiful in the world--is definitely on my must-visit list! Last night, I did get to experience a bit of Europe. Mariel, another friend of mine who is here for a brief stay from the US of A, met me for dinner at this fabulous Italian restaurant, Balducci's at Serendra. Oh my. I've passed by this place so many times and hardly ever gave it a glance. And when I stepped in last night, I was transported instantly to another time and place!


The dinner was superb. We had tuna carpaccio and ravioli, which were both amazing. The coffee was divine. The bread was warm and incredibly tasty. Sorry I have no pics--they didn't turn out well! Mariel and I had such a lovely time talking about love, life, friends, work, sacrifices and blessings. It was a cozy dinner made happier by the good food! I am definitely bringing Vince here for a romantic dinner! One of my best dining experiences ever and, I tell ya, when it comes to food, I've been around.


So that's how my past few days had been--full of good friends and fine food. My kind of time!


  1. Neighbor! Thanks for posting this :) :) I'll see you soon, again, ok? I'm glad you loved dinner enough to call it one of your 'best dining experiences ever' yahoo :)

  2. Mariel, let us shop soonest!!!


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