Sunday, March 08, 2009

The MacBook has landed

Remember my quest for a netbook? Well, right after I wrote that post, my husband got inspired (or maybe finally got impatient? Hee hee) and got himself--yes, not me!--his newest baby, the aluminum 13-inch MacBook:I love it! He's so cute! He was super excited when opening the box: "It's like Christmas!" Hehe. Vince always gets like this--photo shoot and all--when he gets himself a new gadget. It's too cute for words really. I only got to post it now because, well, the hubby's very private and he got shy to share this but... it's public knowledge now!

Vince has been doing some really amazing stuff with his new toy, which ironically finally convinced me that I don't need a laptop as powerful as the MacBook. I already have an iMac, which is powerful enough to send a rocket ship to the moon and back. And we have an iPhone, too. But I still want a netbook! So, yes, I'm going to get myself an MSI Wind. Best thing about the MSI Wind? You can install OSX, so it's like using a Mac for a fraction of the price. Perfect!


  1. I have the same model and size too :) I was so kilig to the bones when I got it last year... Dashboard offers amazing stuff, try bubble bazinga for fun! i love MAC *wink!

  2. i'm so lovin macbook myself. ^^ Love the aluminum case and easy to clean. ^^ I was soooooo damn excited too when I got my macbook last year.. I can't sleep! LOL.

    really? you can install osx in msi wind?? wow. that's interesting! damn. I wish I new that before.. well I don't anymore apple computer.. I need windows for gaming purposes. LOL.

  3. Wow! Macbook is really something that i have really craved for. I try to save as much money as I can just to have it soon. LOL... really love it :)

  4. Sigh! It looks ultra gorgeous, next to the red Macbook I saw from SM Marikina's cyberzone. :-) I so wanted to have a Macbook in 2007 but ended up with a MegaBook. Teehee! It wasn't bad, but not as powerful! Now, I want that red Macbook. Have you seen it already?

    I'm so loving my betty boop lashes. Sobrang thank you, I almost got it for thrice the price. Exciting diba! What's better than a bargain beauty do! :D I had to get it retouched somehow, because the itchy red eye syndrome won't come off, and they said it has something to do w/the medical grade glue getting inside. The things girls to for vanity! Hahaha! I love it. More than that Jeff loves it and I seriously think he loves it more than I do -seeing that smile on his face as we wake up each morning since.

    I so love the fact that I don't have to curl my tiny lashes and apply mascara anymore! so convenient no! Nga lang it's also so inconvenient, kasi I can't scratch my eyes. I practically have to change my sleeping habits. (I sleep with my pillow on my face). Funny how some strands of lashes would curl the wrong way. Inspite of that, I don't know if I can still live without it. Hahaha!

    Did you have the natural one or still the mascara type? Natural is almost weightless. :D

    See you soon! thanks for the mags ha! Rose handed them to me when she came back home from the hospital :D

    God bless you, Frances! Mwah! ;-)

  5. hi frances, i think your house is featured in Real Living this month. I love your home and I'm also renovating our condo unit. I just want to know where you bought your wall clock. I hope you didn't assemble it yourself because I really really want one and I'm really not crafty or techie at all. I'm the type who when I see something, I just buy it assembled or in its finished state. Nice blog you have. I'll be visiting here again for sure =)

  6. Fabulus, Thea and Melvin, I see you are avid MacBook fans!

    WendyB, ya, he's cute, isn't he? =)

    Jennie, I know! Everyone told me, "Don't get the lashes--they're addicting!" I don't think I'd ever get addicted to lashes (of all things!) but now, I must have these lashes every day. I look like a GIRL! And Vince approves because I've finally stopped scratching my eyes, resulting to whiter whites and no more eyebags!

    Cherry, yes, my house is in RL. I'll be posting it here =) The wall clock is from True Value in Power Plant Mall. It's only P1,500!

  7. Don't get mad, ha. Your husband is so cute. I have crush on him na yata! Lucky ka, girl.

  8. Haha, why should I get mad when you just told the truth? He is adorable and I have a crush on him, too. I still get butterflies when I see him =)

  9. I would have to agree he is so cute like a little boy who got the present he wants for Christmas! I can feel how you adore your hubby so much in this post. :) Sweet!

    Oh, about the new gadget you want to buy do tell how they are I want to buy a new gadget too :) My daughter's been pushing me away from the PC now so I need one for me! Hahahaha!


  10. Gorgeous, I didn't buy na a netbook because Vince got himself a MacBook and I felt that 3 computers in a house of 2 people is way too much!


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