Monday, January 18, 2010

Winners of Sun Life 2010 Planner!

Hello, hello, hello! I didn't forget my Sun Life Planner contest, kids!

And I must announce it now while it's still January or else you won't want a nice planner anymore from my favorite insurance company (oy, plug! Do I get a free accident/health/pension plan now? Or can I just ask for the sweet ka-ching of gold coins in my account? Joke! Eww, so jologs to say, "Joke!").

Anyway! Five winners! Here they are (the Top 5 names):

Congratulations! Kindly email your your full name, shipping address and contact numbers to so Teeyah can send you your planners asap!

P.S. OK! contest winners up next!


  1. Yay!! I had to check the contest post to see if there was another Lei who joined. Hihi. Thanks! Will email my details soon. :)

  2. Thank you again, Frances, for featuring the company and the planners! :) Hehe, and thank you for the plug! :D

  3. wow! first time winning something with a randomizer! yey! :D

  4. thank you very much! this is my first time to win in an online contest

  5. haha! hubby was rushing my blog roll reading time to play dota, i wasn't able to read the entire thing! guess i haven't won my first random contest yet! congrats to the winners!


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