Saturday, January 16, 2010

Travel plans for the summer

Last night, our friend Neil had a few beers with Vince here at home. Neil has three fabulous kids and he was telling us that kids are a great joy... and a great pain in the neck! Harhar. So he was urging us to go and have adventures now, while Jelly Bean is still not around to take over our lives.

Well, that's been exactly how we're feeling so I've booked a nice weekend at 8 Suites, this lovely new boutique hotel in Tagaytay.

We're also spending another weekend in Cebu at Be Hotel, which is a lovely place but I think they went overboard with the pastel colors.

Then I want to go see Disneyland in California (regular readers know I love Disneyland!) but Vince wants to go to Vegas. And we also want to go to Singapore to buy that camera I was telling you about, the one Vince now wants to buy for the baby. It isn't available here (boo!) but Singapore has it so we're thinking of flying there to check. Then I also want to visit my friend Kat in NYC but I'm waiting for summer to decide since I hate the cold.

While we have our nice matching Echolac luggage (we bought them for our London honeymoon), I've started browsing travel accessories sites for Samsonite luggage. I really like my little attache case and I was wondering if there was a matching suitcase.

I think it would be sooooo cool to have pink bags. For one thing, they'd really pop out on that conveyor belt. But don't worry, Vince (I know you're reading this!), I won't buy new luggage. It's enough you agreed to go on a travel spree with me!  


  1. That's what one of my girlfriends did too before the birth of her baby.
    Those vacation places look fabulous! I kind of like the pastel-themed room :)
    Wishing you both a relaxing time!

  2. wow, what an amazing looking place!

  3. Is Be Resort formerly Microtel Inn and Suites -Mactan? We were there last July 2009 and the service was simply awesome. They were really. We were the only Pinoys who checked in at that time. Most of the guests were Koreans =/. We had a great stay there overall. Hope you will too! =)

  4. Love the pink bags :) After reading this post, its time for me to start packing for my vacation.

  5. Pink luggage would be nice to tote along. It's so girly!

    you have a lot on your list. With the baby coming i think you ought to go & have fun before he/she made a grand entrance...

    hope you'll be able to have a great time this summer!

  6. Oh, you'll be here in Cebu? Maybe if your sked isn't too full and if it's fine with you, we can meet up? :)

  7. Is Be Hotel the same as Microtel Mactan? We were there last summer and we had a great time! :)


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